Lexus LM vs Vellfire: A Premium Leap Forward

Let’s dive into the world of luxury MPVs, spotlighting the new kid on the block – the Lexus LM – and its promising venture into the high-end market, where it positions itself against the well-regarded Toyota Vellfire.

If you’re keen on understanding the dynamics of this segment, you’re in the right place. We’re here to unpack the features, performance, and overall allure of the Lexus LM, offering insights into why this vehicle might just be the next big thing in luxury travel.

Unveiling the Charm of Lexus LM

The Lexus LM’s arrival has stirred considerable excitement, especially among those who have had the privilege of a first look, like our fellow enthusiast BHPian Karjun. With its unveiling in Cochin, showcasing both 4 and 6-seat configurations, the LM has set tongues wagging. T


he 6-seater feels like a 2024 Vellfire taken up a notch, featuring high-quality leather and wood across the cabin, signaling Lexus’s commitment to opulence. Moreover, the addition of active damping in the suspension system enhances ride comfort, offering a flatter, smoother driving experience.

Sound and Fury: Mark Levinson vs JBL

A standout feature in the Lexus LM is the Mark Levinson audio system, expected to outperform the JBL system found in the Vellfire. Audiophiles, take note: this upgrade signifies Lexus’s aim to provide an unrivaled auditory experience, ensuring every journey is accompanied by the highest quality sound.

The 4-Seater LM: Luxury Redefined

The 4-seater variant of the Lexus LM introduces a unique proposition with its partitioned cabin, offering an exclusive experience that leans towards a private mobile lounge rather than a conventional car. This design choice, while limiting the vehicle’s utility for family road trips, underscores the model’s focus on delivering unparalleled luxury and privacy.

Engine Performance: A Deliberate Pace

Underneath the hood, both the LM and the new Vellfire share the same engine as the 2020 Vellfire model. This setup, as noted by Karjun, prioritizes a different driving experience—one that’s not about raw power or swift overtakes but about enjoying the journey with grace and comfort. The engine and hybrid system’s modest torque output encourages a more relaxed driving style, which, while possibly slower on long highway stretches, promises an incomparably comfortable ride.

The Slow Lane: Comfort Over Speed

Comparing the driving experiences between the Vellfire and speedier counterparts like the Audi Q7 or Mercedes E-class, it’s clear that the Vellfire (and by extension, the LM) invites drivers to embrace a leisurely pace. The essence of this approach is not to rush but to relish in the journey’s comfort, especially with the Vellfire’s middle-row seats offering a near-bed-like level of relaxation. For those prioritizing rear-seat luxury over the thrill of speed, these vehicles stand unmatched.

Cultural Icon: The Celebrity Status of Vellfire and LM in Kerala

In regions like Kerala, the Vellfire has attained a celebrity or boss-like status, a sentiment that’s likely to extend to the Lexus LM. This prestige, coupled with Toyota’s reliability and low maintenance, ensures that both models enjoy a special place in the hearts of luxury car enthusiasts and celebrities alike.

Conclusion: Lexus LM’s Niche Domination

The Lexus LM, with its refined features and distinct luxury offerings, is poised to dominate the niche market segment carved out by the Vellfire. Its unique selling points – superior interior quality, enhanced comfort features, and a prestigious brand image – make it an attractive proposition for those seeking the ultimate in luxury MPV travel.

In essence, the Lexus LM and Toyota Vellfire cater to a special category of consumers who value luxury, comfort, and status over sheer performance or speed. With the LM, Lexus is not just expanding its portfolio but is set to redefine what luxury travel means on the road, ensuring its success in the luxury MPV market.


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