Limited Edition Masterpiece: The MV Agusta Superveloce Arsham Series

Limited Edition Masterpiece

The MV Agusta Superveloce Arsham is a groundbreaking collaboration between Italian luxury motorcycle manufacturer MV Agusta and acclaimed artist Daniel Arsham. This exclusive series, limited to just six units, merges the iconic neo-retro design of MV Agusta’s Superveloce with Arsham’s distinctive erosion technique, symbolizing the passage of time.

These motorcycles are transformed into functional art pieces, blending high-tech performance with artistic expression. This collaboration signifies a fusion of automotive innovation and contemporary art, making the Superveloce Arsham a coveted item for collectors and enthusiasts, and marking a new chapter in the realm of Motorcycle Art.

MV Agusta Superveloce

The collaboration between MV Agusta and artist Daniel Arsham to create the “Superveloce Arsham,” a highly exclusive, limited series of the Superveloce motorcycle, is a significant event in the world of luxury motorcycles and contemporary art. This partnership unites the renowned Italian luxury motorcycle manufacturer MV Agusta with Daniel Arsham, an artist known for his unique erosion technique and avant-garde approach to art.


Daniel Arsham

Daniel Arsham’s artistic style is characterized by his innovative use of the erosion technique, which symbolizes the passage of time through his sculptures. This style is particularly fitting for the MV Agusta Superveloce, a motorcycle that embodies a neo-retro design, blending modern technology with classic motorcycling aesthetics. The Superveloce’s distinct design makes it an ideal canvas for Arsham’s artistic expression, allowing the intersection of motorcycling heritage with contemporary art.

The collaboration’s result, the Superveloce Arsham, is not just a motorcycle but a moving sculpture. By incorporating crystal erosions and a unique colour palette resonant with Arsham’s other works, the bike transcends its functional nature, becoming an art piece that reflects both the artist’s vision and MV Agusta’s design philosophy.

Artistic Collaboration

The decision to produce only six units of the Superveloce Arsham makes this motorcycle not only a masterpiece of design and art but also a rare collector’s item. The exclusivity and artistic value of this series are likely to appeal strongly to both motorcycle enthusiasts and art collectors.

Motorcycle Art

Key Analysis

The collaboration between MV Agusta and Daniel Arsham for the Superveloce Arsham series presents several key points of analysis:

  • Brand Synergy and Shared Values: MV Agusta and Daniel Arsham share a common ethos centred around innovation, exclusivity, and a blend of tradition with the avant-garde. This collaboration allows both entities to amplify their brand values. MV Agusta, known for its luxurious and high-performance motorcycles, gains an artistic edge, while Arsham, known for his unique artistic style, ventures into a new domain of functional art with a prestigious automotive brand.
  • Art and Automotive Intersection: The project represents a significant blend of contemporary art and luxury motorcycling. Arsham’s erosion technique, which symbolizes the passage of time, complements Superveloce’s neo-retro design, which itself is a nod to both the past and the future of motorcycling. This intersection creates a unique category of product that appeals to both art collectors and automotive enthusiasts.
  • Exclusivity and Collector’s Appeal: The limited production of just six units significantly enhances the series’ exclusivity and desirability. In the world of luxury goods, scarcity often equates to increased value. This exclusivity not only makes each unit a coveted item for collectors but also enhances the prestige of owning a piece of this collaboration.
  • Functional Art: The concept of transforming a functional motorcycle into a piece of art challenges traditional notions of both art and automotive design. It pushes the boundaries of how motorcycles are perceived, not just as vehicles but as objects of artistic expression. This approach can open new avenues for how art and functionality coexist in the automotive world.
  • Marketing and Brand Positioning: For MV Agusta, this collaboration is a strategic move to position itself at the forefront of innovative design and luxury. Collaborating with a contemporary artist like Daniel Arsham helps the brand to tap into new markets, particularly among art enthusiasts and collectors who might not have been traditional motorcycle buyers.
  • Future Implications: The success of this collaboration could pave the way for more partnerships between artists and automotive companies, encouraging a trend where vehicles are not just seen as machines but as canvases for artistic expression.

Timur Sardarov, CEO of MV Agusta, and Daniel Arsham himself have expressed their enthusiasm for this collaboration. Sardarov’s comments highlight the alignment in values and philosophy between the artist and the brand, while Arsham’s remarks emphasize his fascination with the automotive world and his intention to explore motorcycles as functional yet artistic objects.


Overall, the Superveloce Arsham series stands as a testament to the power of collaboration across different fields, creating a product that is not only a high-performance machine but also a piece of contemporary art. This partnership could have significant implications for both the art world and the luxury automotive industry, potentially setting a precedent for future collaborations.

The Superveloce Arsham is a groundbreaking project at the intersection of luxury motorcycling and contemporary art, showcasing the fusion of MV Agusta’s iconic design with Daniel Arsham’s distinctive artistic style. This collaboration represents a new interpretation of “Motorcycle Art,” blending functionality, design, and artistic expression into a unique and highly desirable creation.

For enthusiasts and collectors eager to experience the unique fusion of art and high-performance motorcycling, the MV Agusta Superveloce Arsham offers an unparalleled opportunity. With only six units available, this limited series embodies the pinnacle of luxury, innovation, and artistic expression.

Interested parties are encouraged to act swiftly to secure a piece of this exclusive collaboration. Whether you’re a connoisseur of fine motorcycles, a follower of contemporary art, or a collector seeking rare and unique pieces, the Superveloce Arsham is an acquisition that promises to be not just a vehicle, but a timeless masterpiece. Contact MV Agusta or visit their website for more information on how to own a part of this extraordinary limited series.

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