Marc Marquez back on a motorcycle as his recovery advances

 Marc Marquez back on a motorcycle as his recovery advances

Updates on Marc Marquez. The eight-time World Champion suffered from diplopia, and he had to undergo a medical examination.

And here is the official press release from Honda Racing.

“Marc Marquez underwent a medical examination with Dr Sánchez Dalmau last Monday to analyze the situation of his diplopia. The ophthalmologist confirmed a clear improvement in the vision of the eight-time World Champion.

With this progress, the Repsol Honda Team rider received authorization to ride a motorcycle and motocross, the most demanding discipline possible in the world of two wheels, was chosen by Marquez and his team. 

After a three-month absence, the Spanish rider returned to riding at the Ponts Circuit (Lleida). After several runs, his sensations and feelings on the bike were more than optimistic.

The next step for Marquez will be to ride on a paved racetrack.”

What is diplopia? 

For those who don’t know, diplopia is the medical name for double vision. 

It affects 2 out of every 1000 people and usually presents early. How does it cause when there is a problem with one of the muscles in your eyes. 

The muscle, the oculomotor nerve, controls movement in each eye separately to tell them where to look and how much to move. 

After the surgery, Marquez could still see two images of everything in his field of vision.

It means he can only properly focus on things in his central vision. Luckily, this also just happens to be precise where he needs to be looking while racing a MotoGP bike (instead of staring into his peripherals).

Marc has been making good progress in his recovery, culminating in the green light for him to get back on the bike.

The video shows Marc riding the MX bike in good form, showing no signs of diplopia or slowing down.

We wish him a speedy recovery.

via HRC


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