This article provides insight into the possibility of Marc Marquez, an eight-time world champion in the MotoGP, leaving his current team, Honda, to join the Gresini team and ride a Ducati.

Top key points

  • Marc Marquez has expressed a strong desire to ride a Ducati next season.
  • Ducati Corse general manager Gigi Dall’Igna has acknowledged Marquez’s interest and says that it is pleasing.
  • Dall’Igna also raised a concern that Marquez’s presence could destabilize the other Desmosedici riders.
  • Ducati is currently leading the MotoGP world championship with riders Francesco Bagnaia, Jorge Martin, and Marco Bezzecchi filling the top three places.

Here’s a breakdown of the article’s main points:

  • Marc Marquez’s Desire for Ducati: Ducati Corse’s general manager, Gigi Dall’Igna, confirmed that Marc Marquez has expressed a strong desire to ride a Ducati. This indicates that rumours of Marquez leaving Honda to join the Gresini team might be true.
  • Negotiations with Honda: The article suggests that Marc Marquez is even willing to break a significant contract with Repsol Honda to join Gresini and ride an unofficial Ducati, highlighting his desire to switch teams and bikes.
  • Dall’Igna’s Perspective: Dall’Igna, speaking to Sky Italia, acknowledges the talent and history Marquez has in MotoGP. He finds Marquez’s interest in Ducati flattering but also points out that there hasn’t been an official announcement about Marquez’s move to Gresini. There seems to be a complex contract situation with Honda that Marquez might have to navigate to make the move.
  • Concern for Ducati’s Balance: While the potential move could be exciting for Ducati, there’s also a concern. The presence of a racer of Marquez’s stature might destabilize the existing balance among the Ducati riders. The onus would be on the team management to ensure that everything runs smoothly.
  • Current Championship Standings: The article also briefly mentions that Ducati riders Francesco Bagnaia, Jorge Martin, and Marco Bezzecchi are currently leading the world championship standings.


The potential switch of Marc Marquez, an illustrious figure in MotoGP, from Honda to ride a Ducati with the Gresini team has generated significant buzz in the motorcycling community. This potential move underscores Marquez’s strong desire for change, as evidenced by his willingness to navigate through a complicated contract with Honda.

While Ducati’s management views this interest as a compliment to their brand, they are also wary of the potential disruptions Marquez’s arrival could bring to the team’s equilibrium. As of now, with Ducati riders currently leading in championship standings, the transition’s final outcome, if it happens, will be closely watched by fans and experts alike.


In summary, the article addresses the potential move of a prominent figure in MotoGP, Marc Marquez, from Honda to Ducati. While the move can be seen as a testament to Ducati’s appeal, it also brings challenges in terms of maintaining team dynamics and balance.


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