Marc Marquez to undergo further surgery on right humerus

Marc Marquez to undergo further surgery on right humerus

Marc Marquez will undergo a fourth surgery on his right humerus, heading to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.

The Repsol Honda Team rider has suffered significant limitations in recent months that have prevented him from performing at the highest level. As a result, he has elected to undergo surgery 18 months after his last operation.


Marquez, having not felt significant improvements in recent months and consulting with other specialists, together with his medical team, has considered the option of a new operation. 

The six-time MotoGP World Champion will travel to the United States on Tuesday, May 31, for surgery under the direction of Dr Joaquin Sánchez Sotelo. Once the postoperative period has been completed, he will return to Spain to begin his recovery. Doctors will then assess Marquez’s condition and his recovery period.


Marc Marquez

“Unfortunately, I have to take a break from the 2022 season that will keep me away from the competition. After months of intense work with my new medical team in Madrid, my physical condition has improved. 

I have reduced the discomfort in my right arm to be able to compete at the Grands Prix, but I still have significant limitations in my humerus that do not allow me to ride the bike properly and achieve the goals I have always set for myself.”

“It is for this reason that, together with my medical team, Dr Samuel Antuña and Dr Angel Cotorro, and after consulting with specialists from the Mayo Clinic, I have decided to carry out a new operation to improve my position on the bike that will allow me to ride without the current limitations. 

I have the maximum motivation and enthusiasm to continue working and make an effort to return to compete at the highest level.”

“I want to thank all the support that my family has always shown me, those trusted people around me, the Repsol Honda Team, my entire medical team and especially all the fans who are always there with me in the good and bad times.”

Sanchez Sotelo

Medical Doctor

“Given the lack of sufficient clinical improvement with the rehabilitation treatment, and advised by his medical team, Marc Marquez will undergo a new surgical intervention at the Mayo Clinic in the US to improve the discomfort in his right arm derived from the loss of mobility in the arm.”

“The surgery will consist of the extraction of the osteosynthesis material from his shoulder associated with a humeral osteotomy to increase the external rotation movement of the arm and maintain shoulder stability.”


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