The holidays are fast-paced and exciting here at Team LivingWithGravity. We couldn’t let Christmas go by without taking the time to wish you the happiest holidays from our family to yours.

In the spirit of the holiday season, we here at Living with Gravity would like to say happy holidays to all our readers and supporters.


That includes you on the couch, drinking eggnog spiked with whiskey because you’re too cheap to buy your bottle. We see and support you (mainly because we want some of that eggnog).

Ohh cmon now. Can’t we joke for a while?

Gather round, children, gather round. It’s that beautiful time of the year to snuggle up by the fire with good eats, drinks and, best, good company.

But wait! Before we crack open another bottle of eggnog and get back to scratching our heads at why we have Big Santa making us presents again this year (seriously, is it only us or is the elf explicitly tailored for us?), let’s take a moment to wish you happy holidays and happy Christmas.

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