As we learned back in November 2021, Kawasaki has big plans in store to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the iconic Z1 in 2022. 

While Team Green’s major announcement came just a few days before Christmas. They didn’t make their major announcement until the end of December. 

And while most of us were sure that it wouldn’t be a motorcycle, it was pretty much what we expected.


Kawasaki is as synonymous with the Z1 as the Beatles are with London.Or the number 69 is to, well you get the picture. 

Thankfully, Kawasaki never forgot this and has always been quick to push out a few horsepowers enhancing parts for that model, despite its age. 

Today, we got a first look at what will happen when that date finally rolls around.

The launch of an all-new web portal to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Z1 and Kawasaki’s entire history from 1972 up to 2021 (yes, you read that right).

The website is a digital repository of the Z1’s story so far.Providing some unique insight into the origins of the company’s flagship naked machine. 

Four sections

Kawasaki will celebrate the 50th anniversary of its first dedicated motorcycle brand. With updates regularly coming throughout 2022. 

The two-seater motorcycle was conceived and received a fantastic response from the motorcycle community.

The website is categorized in four sections

  • Top
  • Brand Message
  • Birth of a legend
  • History

As the last letter of the alphabet, Z represents the ultimate.

That is the reason why the Kawasaki 900 super4 was nicknamed the Z1.

Since then, many other models developed to be the ultimate machines in their categories have inherited the Z moniker.

These Z models have grown into one of Kawasaki’s core motorcycle brands.

Although their shapes, styles and riding environments have evolved over the years. The models crowned with the Z mark continue to deliver the ultimate riding excitement.

The Japanese brand seems to have gone all out developing the anniversary site. And the attention to detail is very welcome.

via Kawasaki 


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