Royal Enfield is soon to launch its new 411 single-cylinder, air-cooled filling station scrambler. In a flurry of online gossip and hearsay, we took one look at The Scrambler’s purported spec sheet.Which has been leaked online. And decided it was hard not to share some of the intricacies with our readers. 

Some of the details have already been confirmed by people close to the project. However, others have not — hence the speculative nature of this piece.

Rest assured more concrete information will trickle over the coming weeks as official channels get up and running.



Scrambler DNA

As any Royal Enfield owner will tell you, their Himalayan is the perfect backcountry companion. 

Sure—depending on terrain, it can be a bit underpowered at times. But it still more than makes up for this deficiency by being unflappably reliable and entirely bulletproof. 

However, there’s no such thing as a completely perfect bike (if there were, everyone would own one). 

Even among friendly fans of the Himalayan. Some have been yearning for just a bit more power out of the engine. Others have found while they love the size and handling. They’d almost prefer it if their Himalayan just had a 650 Twin crate engine slapped inside of it.

However, Royal Enfield is close to matching the expectations.

Royal Enfield might have been slow to churn out unconventional models in the face of mad demand for the Himalayan. But it will finally add a more contemporary offering once the new Scram 411 hits showrooms. 

Until now, the lack of details compelled us to speculate on its potential performance figures, likely pricing and features. However exclusive new intel coming in from YouTuber’ Bullet Guru’ reveals some exciting official details are already out too!



There is still much speculation as to what engine will be employed, but as per the details in the video, the single-cylinder, air-cooled 411cc motor will remain unchanged with 24.3 hp at 6,500 rpm. And 23.6 pound-feet of torque between 4,000 and 4,500 rpm and will arrive with a five-speed transmission.

The Scram will arrive with a 19-inch front wheel 2 inches less than the current Himalayan with a road-focused nature.

It will also have 20 mm less ground clearance than Himalayan, with a 220mm ground clearance. Further to the spy shots leaked a few months ago.It has no windscreen, a little cowl, a round headlamp with a metal cowl.

But when we wondered if the Scrambler was going to be something like the other Scramblers in the market, it was speculation the Scrambler “takes inspiration from classic scramblers and the ADVs”.

Road focused

And we think the speculation turned out to be somewhat accurate as it looks a mix of ADV and a Scrambler. However, the Scramblers have knobby tires, high ground clearance and high mounted exhausts.

We don’t see any in the new Scram 411. However, the new Scram 411 will have a “single scrambler seat”.

At the time, our best guess was Royal Enfield would follow suit of its competitor Yezdi.And release a retro-looking dual-purpose bike called a Scrambler, but with more attention to on-road usability. And we feel thats how it is positioned.

As per the information, Royal Enfield Himalayan is expected to launch the Scram 411 in March 2022, with images also revealing other features like the dual disc brakes ABS, aluminium sump guard and small windscreen.

The Royal Enfield Himalayan Scram 411 will feature a large speedometer with a more compact separate digital Tripper navigation unit and smaller instrumentation below the handlebars. We may also see dual-tone shades with lots of merchandise from Royal Enfield.


Via Bullet Guru YoutubeFinancial Express and Autocar India


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