The future is here, and we’re all living in it, but certain futurists take that a step further. It is the part where things get exciting but also incredibly scary for those who don’t embrace technology. 


In the grand scheme, whatever features an automobile has on the road, be it automated steering, self-balancing wheels or something else, might eventually replace motorcycles. No matter how you look at it, this is still highly unlikely, perhaps a hundred years from now.


Motorcycles will undoubtedly look different in a hundred years than they do today. Futurists agree that two-wheeled means of transportation won’t be as necessary for the future since they will no longer limit human travel will to land-based vehicles. 

With the emergence of teleporting technology and the possibility of time travel, having a bike made out of physical matter won’t be practical anymore.

Moto Sapien isn’t just another concept from the future put together by an imaginative designer. It took close to two years for Anton Brousseau to carefully study, design and illustrate his idea’s various aspects. He poured a tremendous amount of work into Moto Sapien to make it look as realistic as possible.

About Anton

It’s an ultra-futuristic, aggressive single-seat motorcycle concept created by Anton Brousseau, who was earlier with Kiska, Austria, known for its outstanding design and engineering skills. The classic silhouette of racing bikes inspired the creation of the Hydra. 

The futuristic design of its body is a perfect blend of the aesthetics of classic racing bikes with a more aggressive appeal and aerodynamic components that take it to another level.

The possibilities of what a motorcycle could be and look like in a far-off future are exciting. But if it remains simply as a concept, it’s nothing more but an idea. Anton Brousseau changed that by creating the Moto Sapien — an exploration of the evolution of motorcycles.

But what’s remarkable is on the inside. The bike’s functional components have been hyperbolized to reflect the unbridled imagination of science fiction, just as true in speculative fiction as in design theory.

 It’s a weird world we live in. The future of motorbikes is a world where the connections between man and machine become intertwined, so a motorbike becomes the extension of its rider. I know that sounds crazy, but check it out for yourself in this mind-blowing concept video:

While talking to Motorrad, Anton said, ” The detours when processing information slows us down. Everything happens indirectly via eyes, ears, and human motor skills. Let’s imagine we could drive the motorcycle within milliseconds with our thoughts. Furthermore, let’s imagine if we could feel the tires as finely as possible with the sense of touch in our fingers.

Moto Sapien is a stunning and sexy design. What excited me was the concept behind it. Because this motorcycle combines man and machine in such a way, the rider feels they can control it with their brain and doesn’t need to use their legs. That kind of merger between man and machine deserves an award!

via Motorrad and Anton

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