While the upcoming MotoGP is on Silverstone we hear from Jorge Lorenzo speaks on his comeback and the latest rumors.He was thinking to take a retirement plus more on his links with Ducati.While talking to press conferece.

About his comeback

“I’m glad to be back after a long time: in my career, I had never been so far away from competitions. Now I’m here: my goal is not victory, not even the podium, not even getting into the top five, but it was time to return after the terrible fall in the Netherlands, a consequence of the test in Barcelona, ​​equally violent. 

It would take three months to fully recover: two have passed, I can’t be at my best yet. But it was right to come back, “he says. Two very strong barrels, with two broken vertebrae: Lorenzo admits that, psychologically, it was very hard. “Yes, especially the first two weeks, when I saw no improvement.


 We are human, it is natural that, in such a moment, you ask yourself questions about your future, about your life, about your career. Then, when I started seeing improvements, the doubts were gone, I convinced myself that I could still be competitive with a MotoGP ”.

Ducati links

“I was not there, I heard so many voices, then, when they became more insistent, I called Alberto Puig (HRC, NDA team manager) to tell him that my intention was to go ahead with Honda, try to win this challenge to get on the top step of the podium with three different bikes (Yamaha, Ducati and Honda, NDA), a challenge never achieved by any MotoGP rider, ”he replies. But someone insists: “But did you or someone contact Ducati for you?” Lorenzo hesitates, thinks for a moment and then says: “Let’s think about the future”.

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