Every MotoGP fan is expecting that the Doctor should be getting a new M1 in 2020. After both Austrian and British GP, the body language with Team Yamaha is positive.

Yamaha’s project leader, Takahiro Sumi  gave an interview with could mean new M1 is on its way.

He said “After the disastrous last season, we had to change something – Sumi explained – on the bike and also on our way of thinking, especially in terms of development. We have changed many small things. The bike is not so different, actually, but Yamaha is different: now we use every resource to develop a more competitive bike and get out of the crisis for next year “.


He further said “As the electronics and tires of the MotoGP world championship have changed – Takahiro Sumi has reconstructed – we ran into some development problems. You can’t solve twenty problems at the same time, so we focused on the most important ones. “

“The fact that the development of the engine is blocked during the year – resizes the Yamaha manager, however – actually has disadvantages and advantages. If we allow an update, the problem of costs and the greatest resources needed increases”.

On the tires, Sumi added ” The new tires proposed by Michelin for the 2020 season – says Sumi – were liked by the pilots. It is not said however that they represent progress for everyone: logically we must pay close attention to how they influence the dynamic behavior of our bike “.

Looking towards Sumi’s interview it is quite evident that the Yamaha team will change the specification of the engine. Well, we hope at least one specification is being changed.

Result will be a new Yamaha M1 for 2020.

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