October has rolled in, and Triumph Motorcycles has delivered its first treats for autumn – the Scrambler 1200 lineup for 2024. The star, Scrambler 1200 XE, boasts some fantastic updates, while the XC steps aside for the new Scrambler 1200 X. Let’s dissect the changes.

Here’s a concise breakdown of the main differences and highlights:

2024 Triumph Scrambler 1200 X vs. XE:

  • Purpose:
  • X: More road-focused, also accommodating shorter riders.
  • XE: More off-road oriented, with premium features.
  • Dimensions & Weight:
  • X: Wheelbase (60 inches), Length (89.5 inches), Width (32.8 inches), Height (46.6 inches), Seat height (32.3 inches or 31.29 inches with accessory low seat), Weight (502.65 pounds).
  • XE: Wheelbase (61.8 inches), Length (91.7 inches), Width (35.6 inches), Height (49.2 inches), Seat height (34.3 inches), Weight (507.06 pounds).
  • Ergonomics & Chassis:
  • X: Narrower handlebars.
  • XE: Wider handlebars (2.56 inches more than X), removable spacer, adjustable foot controls, longer swingarm (1.26 inches more than X), and a longer wheelbase.
  • Suspension, Brakes, Wheels & Tires:
  • Both: have Marzocchi suspension, but XE has more off-road capability and full adjustability.
  • XE has Brembo Stylema brakes, while X has two-piston Nissin brakes.
  • XE wears Metzeler Tourance tires, and X gets Metzeler Karoo Street rubber.
  • Tech & Display:
  • Both: Cornering ABS, traction control, torque-assist clutch.
  • X: 5 ride modes and a hybrid LCD/TFT display.
  • XE: 6 ride modes (including Off-Road Pro) and a full-color TFT display with more customization.
  • Colours & Pricing:
  • X: Colors – Carnival Red, Ash Grey, or Sapphire Black; Price – $13,595 (US) and $14,795 (Canada).
  • XE: Colors – Phantom Black/Storm Grey, Baja Orange/Phantom Black, or Sapphire Black; Price – $15,295 (US) and $16,595 (Canada).

What sets the X apart from the XE?

  • The X is more road-focused, with a lower seat height and narrower handlebars.
  • The XE is more off-road oriented, with a longer wheelbase, more suspension travel, and a more adjustable suspension.
  • The X is less expensive than the XE.

What justifies the price difference?

  • The XE has a more premium suspension, brakes, and wheels.
  • The XE has a more off-road-oriented riding position.
  • The XE has a more advanced TFT display.

Which one should I get?

If you’re looking for a Scrambler that’s more comfortable on the road and easier to ride at low speeds, the X is a great choice. If you’re looking for a Scrambler that’s more capable off-road and has a more premium feel, the XE is the way to go

Key Takeaways:

  • The XE offers a more premium and off-road-oriented experience with its extended features, whereas the X provides a more road-centric focus, especially catering to shorter riders.
  • Price differentiation is due to the added features and capabilities in the XE version.
  • Deliveries for both models will commence in February 2024, with preorders currently open in the US and Canada.

Would you like any other specific comparisons or additional information?


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