New Kawasaki Eliminator 450

The Kawasaki Eliminator 450 is set to be launched in India around February-March 2024, as reported on December 12, 2023. This launch comes after Kawasaki received a significant amount of interest from Indian bikers. The Eliminator 450 is designed to be a more accessible version of the Vulcan S, notably due to its lighter weight of 176kg compared to the Vulcan S’s 235kg.

Summary of Eliminator 450 Launch in India

Launch date: February – March 2024 Reason for delay: High demand for the bike, requiring additional production.

Target market: Riders seeking an accessible alternative to the Vulcan S Key features:

  • 451cc, parallel-twin engine producing around 49bhp
  • Lighter weight (176kg) compared to Vulcan S (235kg)
  • Steel trellis frame
  • 18-16-inch wheel combination
  • Telescopic forks and dual springs
  • Single disc brake at both ends 
  • Main competitor: Royal Enfield Super Meteor 650 
  • Pricing: To be determined, dependent on CKD or CBU route.

Cruiser Bike India

Additional information:

  • Kawasaki is receiving a lot of enquiries for the Eliminator 450 from Indian bikers.
  • The Eliminator is expected to be more affordable than the Vulcan S due to its lower weight and smaller engine.
  • The final price will depend on whether Kawasaki imports the motorcycle as a CKD (completely knocked down) kit or a CBU (completely built-up unit).

Kawasaki India Launch

The upcoming launch of the Kawasaki Eliminator 450 in India, expected around February-March 2024, presents a strategic move by Kawasaki to penetrate further into the Indian cruiser bike market. Here’s a key analysis of this launch:

  • Market Positioning: The Eliminator 450 is positioned as a more accessible alternative to the heavier Vulcan S. With a weight of 176 kg, it targets riders who find the 235 kg Vulcan S challenging to handle. This lighter weight could appeal to a broader range of riders, including those new to cruiser bikes or those seeking a more manageable ride.
  • Pricing Strategy: The expected price range of Rs 4-5 lakh makes the Eliminator 450 a mid-range option in the cruiser segment. This pricing is competitive, especially when compared to its main rival, the Royal Enfield Super Meteor 650. The pricing will play a crucial role in determining its market acceptance and success.
  • Engine and Performance: Powered by a 398 cc BS6 engine, the bike offers a balance of power and efficiency. With a power output of 48 PS and torque of 37.2 Nm, it is likely to deliver a performance that appeals to both casual riders and enthusiasts. The combination of disc front brakes and drum rear brakes suggests a focus on providing a reliable and safe riding experience.
  • Market Demand and Reception: The significant interest and enquiries Kawasaki has received for the Eliminator 450 indicate a strong market demand. This interest might be driven by the brand’s reputation, the bike’s features, or a gap in the current market offerings that the Eliminator 450 could fill.
  • Launch Timing and Strategy: The decision to tease the bike’s return and delay its unveiling, possibly to build anticipation and market interest, is a strategic move. The launch at a major biking event would have created immediate visibility, but the ongoing teasers could maintain sustained interest leading up to the launch.
  • Competitive Landscape: The Eliminator 450 will enter a market segment with established players like Royal Enfield. Its success will depend not only on the product’s features and pricing but also on Kawasaki’s marketing strategies and dealership network in India.
  • Customer Segmentation: The bike seems targeted towards mid-level riders and those looking for a blend of performance and comfort in the cruiser segment. Its features suggest an appeal to both everyday use and leisure riding.

Vulcan S Alternative

The Kawasaki Eliminator 450’s launch in India represents a significant opportunity for Kawasaki to strengthen its position in the Indian motorcycle market. Its success will depend on how well it balances performance, pricing, and market expectations, alongside effective marketing and distribution strategies.

Pros and cons of the Eliminator 450:

EnginePowerfulNot as powerful as some competitors
WeightLighter than competitorsMay not be as stable at high speeds
PriceExpected to be affordablePrice has not been announced yet
AvailabilityAvailable in February-March 2024Not available yet
Fuel efficiencyUnknownUnknown

BS6 Engine Bike

Pricing for the Kawasaki Eliminator 450 is expected to be around Rs 4-5 lakh, positioning it to compete directly with the Royal Enfield Super Meteor 650. The bike will be available in one variant and two colours, with the high-end variant starting from Rs 5 Lakh. It features a 398 cc BS6 engine, delivering a power output of 48 PS and a torque of 37.2 Nm. The bike is equipped with disc front brakes and drum rear brakes.

Affordable Cruiser India

The bike’s launch was initially anticipated at the India Bike Week event in Goa, but instead, Kawasaki launched the new W175 Street. Kawasaki has since teased the return of the Eliminator 450, with a planned unveiling at a later date in 2023. This move appears to be part of Kawasaki’s strategy to offer a diverse range of models to cater to different segments of the motorcycle market in India.


The Kawasaki Eliminator 450, set for launch in India around February-March 2024, marks Kawasaki’s strategic entry into the mid-range cruiser segment. Designed as a lighter, more accessible alternative to the Vulcan S, the Eliminator 450 weighs 176 kg and is expected to be priced around Rs 4-5 lakh. Powered by a 398 cc BS6 engine, it offers 48 PS of power and 37.2 Nm torque, appealing to both casual riders and enthusiasts. With significant market interest already noted, the bike aims to compete with the likes of the Royal Enfield Super Meteor 650, potentially reshaping the Indian cruiser bike market landscape.

Discover the thrilling combination of style and performance with the Kawasaki Eliminator 450, which will launch in India soon. Stay tuned for its February-March 2024 release and be one of the first to experience the next level of cruiser biking. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to elevate your ride with Kawasaki’s latest innovation. Visit your nearest Kawasaki dealer for updates, and get ready to ride the change! which will launch


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