Piaggio Group actively supports the trailblazing cooperation with the avant-garde designer Feng Chen Wang. 

The idea behind Piaggio’s new collection is a real highlight in worldwide design development. A genuine achievement of a flying brand”.

The collection collaborates with two distinct visions of street fashion. The cutting-edge minimalism and sporty aesthetics of Wang’s design and the pop reality of Piaggio’s mass production. 


The new line features a series of sweats, t-shirts, jackets, and more. Taking on elements from urban street style while remaining unisex. 

Wang created this unisex idea by making the new designs simple enough to be worn by anyone.


Wang’s profile

Wang has already collaborated with some big brands like Nike, Converse, Ugg, and Levi’s.

Piaggio hopes to continue promoting such collaborations as a way to establish connections and encourage diversity. 

Above all, it is an authentic way to express their unshakeable belief that creativity and design go hand in hand with the desire for innovation and technological progress.

In one of the most creative forces in fashion and design. Wang is also synonymous with adventure and audacity, something Piaggio understands well. 

A common perspective drives both brands to share the same passion. Innovation and creativity that expresses itself in daring. 

Such as Piaggio’s 75 years of love of scooters; and Wang’s idea. Which was born from the passion for scooters and streetwear experience.

Wang is in the process to design the Piaggio ONE electric scooter, which is still a work in progress. We will see this scooter at coming EICMA 2021.

It is still unclear whether the Piaggio ONE will be a unique one-off piece or customers will be able to buy.


However, Wang said.

“Piaggio is a brand synonymous with mobility and lifestyle globally, deeply rooted in history but a pioneer in innovation. 

It is the testimony of an authentic, distinctive genius, from which it was easy to draw all the creative energy to design this collection that reshapes tradition to make it special and contemporary”.

Further, if you plan to shop, the Chen Wang x Piaggio streetwear collection is expected to arrive in February 2022.

You can hop on to Wang’s website below.

via Fen Cheng Wang and Piaggio

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