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New Yamaha PG-1 Rock Scrambler

In the world of motorcycle customization, the transformative artistry of turning an ordinary bike into a masterpiece of design and function is a fascinating realm. This creative process is exemplified in the K-Speed Yamaha PG-1 Rock Scrambler, a motorcycle that has undergone a significant metamorphosis.

Initially perceived as a retro and cute machine, K-Speed, under the guidance of Tanadit, has reimagined it into something unexpectedly ‘mean’. This transformation is not just about altering the bike’s appearance; it’s a comprehensive re-engineering of its character and capabilities. The journey of the Yamaha PG-1 from a standard model to the Rock Scrambler is a testament to the creativity and skill of K-Speed, showcasing how a motorcycle can be much more than just a mode of transportation – it can be a canvas for artistic expression.


The K-Speed Yamaha PG-1 Rock Scrambler represents a dramatic transformation of the Yamaha PG-1 motorcycle, skillfully executed by K-Speed under the leadership of Tanadit.


Mean Machine:

  • Black paint job with various textures and shades
  • Blacked-out engine with silver pops on wheels, rotors, and exhaust
  • Wide handlebars, single bar-end mirror, chopped/raised fenders
  • High-mount exhaust for an aggressive sound

Custom touches:

  • Solo saddle with block pattern stitching
  • 17-inch wheels instead of stock 16-inch
  • Unique diamond stitch alternative


The bike, initially perceived as retro, cute, and purposeful, takes on a new character that can be described as ‘mean’. The customization is thorough and meticulous, involving several key changes:

  • Color Scheme: The bike is predominantly black, incorporating different shades and textures to maintain a dynamic visual impact. Notably, the engine, originally silver, has been completely blacked out.
  • Accent Details: Strategic pops of silver are present, adding contrast and visual interest. These silver accents appear on the wheels, rotors, a side plate with round holes, the exhaust cover’s mesh, and the Yamaha logos.
  • Handlebar and Mirrors: It features a wide handlebar and a singular bar-end mirror on the left side, enhancing its rugged appearance.
  • Lighting: The motorcycle is equipped with small, discrete turn signals.
  • Fenders: Both front and rear fenders have been modified – chopped and raised – contributing to its scrambler aesthetic.
  • Exhaust: The exhaust has been transformed into a high-mount unit, which not only alters its appearance but also its sound, as noted in the video.
  • Tail Section and Saddle: The tail section is streamlined, and the saddle is now a solo seat with block pattern contrast stitching, deviating from the traditional diamond stitch design.
  • Wheels and Tires: The wheels are upgraded to 17-inch units, a size increase from the standard 16-inch ones. This change complements the bike’s knobby tires.


The K-Speed Yamaha PG-1 Rock Scrambler is available for preorder at ¥1,280,000 (approximately $8,638), including shipping. K-Speed, known for custom bike builds and aftermarket accessories, offers international shipping but notes differences in shipping policies and potential additional fees for international customers. This includes variations in customs fees and the availability of certain accessories, which may vary based on local laws in different countries.

Impact on Motorcycle Enthusiasts

The K-Speed Yamaha PG-1 Rock Scrambler, with its remarkable transformation from a standard motorcycle to a custom-built masterpiece, has a significant impact on motorcycle enthusiasts, affecting various aspects of the community:

  • Inspiration for Customization: For enthusiasts who are passionate about customizing motorcycles, the K-Speed Yamaha PG-1 serves as a source of inspiration. Its meticulous attention to detail, from the color scheme to the unique modifications, showcases the potential of what can be achieved through customization. It encourages riders to think creatively about personalizing their bikes.
  • Appreciation for Craftsmanship: This motorcycle highlights the artistry and skill involved in bike customization. The careful selection of materials, the harmonious blend of colors, and the precise engineering demonstrate a high level of craftsmanship, which is deeply appreciated by those who understand and value the intricacies of motorcycle design.
  • Trendsetting and Style Influence: The design choices made in the Rock Scrambler, such as the black color scheme with pops of silver, the block pattern stitching on the saddle, and the high-mount exhaust, could influence trends within the motorcycle community. Enthusiasts often look to such custom builds for the latest trends in aesthetics and functionality.
  • Community Engagement: Projects like the K-Speed Yamaha PG-1 often foster a sense of community among enthusiasts. They lead to discussions and exchanges of ideas in forums, social media platforms, and motorcycle clubs, strengthening the bonds within the motorcycle community.
  • Exploration of New Possibilities: The bike demonstrates how boundaries can be pushed in motorcycle design. It may encourage both individual riders and professional customizers to explore new possibilities, experimenting with different styles, materials, and technologies.
  • Raising Awareness about Custom Builders: The visibility of such a unique custom build raises awareness about professional builders like K-Speed. It showcases their talent and may lead to increased business and recognition for these builders within the motorcycle community.
  • Motivation for Learning and DIY Projects: For some enthusiasts, seeing a transformed motorcycle like the Rock Scrambler can be a motivator to learn more about the mechanics and design of motorcycles. It might encourage them to undertake their own DIY projects, fostering a deeper connection with their bikes.
  • Influence on Market Trends: The popularity of custom builds like the Rock Scrambler can influence market trends. Motorcycle manufacturers and aftermarket parts companies may take cues from these customizations, leading to new product developments that cater to the evolving tastes of the riding community.

Motorcycle Community

The K-Speed Yamaha PG-1 Rock Scrambler impacts motorcycle enthusiasts by inspiring creativity, demonstrating exceptional craftsmanship, setting trends, fostering community engagement, exploring new design possibilities, highlighting the skills of custom builders, motivating personal projects, and influencing market trends in the motorcycle industry.


The K-Speed Yamaha PG-1 Rock Scrambler stands as a striking example of how a motorcycle can be transformed into a work of art, reflecting the unique vision and craftsmanship of its creators. This bike, reimagined from its original form, now exhibits a blend of elegance and ruggedness, with meticulous attention to detail in every aspect – from its colour scheme to the functional modifications.

It represents more than just a custom bike; it symbolizes the fusion of aesthetics and performance, showing how a creative vision can redefine the identity of a motorcycle. The K-Speed Yamaha PG-1 Rock Scrambler is not only a testament to the skill of its builders but also an inspiration to motorcycle enthusiasts and custom builders around the world, demonstrating the limitless possibilities in the realm of motorcycle customization.


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