News: BMW brings the Bavarian Hulk F 900 XR

 News: BMW brings the Bavarian Hulk F 900 XR

F 900 XR was teased many a time that made our heads to be scratched a couple of times. The new F 900 XR is a Bavarian Hulk that comes with all the goodies below. This hulk gets inspiration from the elder 9cento.

  • 10 hp is added to the power that makes total to 105 hp from 95hp @ 8,500 rpm.
  • There is no addition of torque as it remains the same.
  • The twin-cylinder gets enlarged.
  • It is EURO 5 compatible.
  • The feel-good upright stance for longer hauls with flat handler bars puts it into an adventure category.
  • The F 900 XR comes with 6.5″ TFT display with 15,5 liter of the tank that is tone down.
  • In Europe, for the A2 category, there is a toned-down variant of 48hp.
  • The trademark headlight comes with LED and those are double headlights.WIth LED taillight that is sleek.
  • The discs can be manually adjusted.
  • 825 mm seat height.
  • The front spoiler comes as an optional.
  • 43mm USD fork at the front that cannot be adjusted and the rear gets the hinged strut.
  • Brakes are Vierkolbenzangen at the front and at the rear are Einkolbensattel both provided by Bremspower

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