European Transport Safety Council (ETSC), the most critical NGO in the field of street security in Europe, has joined the European Motorcycle Training Quality Label consortium as a supporter part. The Label is an voluntary scheme for bike post-permit preparing programs. It intends to help motorcyclists effectively recognize the best security preparing programs in Europe.

Likewise, the cruiser preparing school of the Swedish Association of Motorcyclists (SMC) has as of late been granted the European Motorcycle Training Quality Label for their “Recommendation and rules rendition 3 – The Basics” program-The SMC bike preparing school is the biggest preparing supplier in Sweden and offers security instructional classes for various dimensions. In excess of 10,000 motorcyclists went to 300 SMC courses this year.

This conveys the quantity of confirmed projects to 28. Motorcyclists in Sweden, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Austria and Germany currently realize which preparing schools offer the best post-permit preparing alternatives.


More information on the European Motorcycle Training Quality Label can be found at:


Antonio Avenoso, Executive Director of the ETSC, stated that: “In recent years, the safety of vulnerable road users in Europe, including motorcyclists, has not progressed at the same pace as that of car occupants. Much more needs to be done through the introduction of higher safety standards for infrastructure and vehicles, as well as better enforcement and encouraging safer driver and rider behaviour. We are pleased to support the European Motorcycle Training Quality Label with its focus on helping riders choose approved training courses that help raise awareness of the key safety issues. We believe improved rider training can play an important role as part of the safe-system approach to road safety.”

According to Antonio Perlot, Secretary General of the European Association of Motorcycle Manufacturers:“The European Motorcycle Training Quality Label is one of the main elements of the motorcycle industry’s safety strategy and we are confident that this action contributes to the overall aim of making Europe’s roads better and safer for all motorcyclists. We are delighted that the ETSC recognizes the importance of this initiative and has decided to endorse the European Training Quality Label. We also congratulate SMC for joining the group of the best training providers in Europe”.

Jesper Christensen, Secretary General of the SMC, said: “Our members ride 80% of all motorcycle kilometres in Sweden, so their safety is a top priority for us. Our five hundred instructors of the SMC School strive to reach out to more riders and provide safety-orientated and fun motorcycle training. We are really happy that our educational platform has received this important recognition at the European level.”

Source : ACEM

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