Today’s focus of every manufacturer is how they can stack speed in engines with technology with greater safety of the riders. Of course, that was the vision of manufacturers who had build yester years motorcycles. However with the changing times and competition.

Manufacturers are competing to build the best of best motorcycles take an example of MotoGP Races. If we could now see Honda they have filed several patents for the upcoming CBR1000RR and the new patent suggests that the CBR1000RR will come with advanced aerodynamic solutions.


In the figure below at the sides of fairing in a new patent, Honda has placed an active aerodynamic solution. Well, this is not a similar solution as you would have thought to be in official RC213V that is capable to produce downforce and that falls under the MotoGP norms and regulations.


Now during accelerating or braking, some fins maximize the aerodynamic stuff and on the other side, some fins will get retracted during soaring speeds they won’t hamper the performance of the bike.

Well, the other thing is the new 2020 Honda will be inline four-cylinder.To date, everyone would have thought it that it will be V4 but that’s not that the case. This is expected to be showcased at EICMA 2019 with the aerodynamic solution. However, this solution is not allowed in MotoGP.

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