About one out of five cruiser owners is currently female, as compared and one of every 10 not exactly 10 years back, and the information recommends that ladies could before long make up one fourth of proprietors, which would be a noteworthy move in motorcycling socioeconomic, as per the most recent national overview by the Motorcycle Industry Council.

Among all age gatherings, ladies currently make up 19 percent of bike proprietors. Be that as it may, the 2018 overview demonstrated much more prominent female proprietorship inside more youthful ages. Among Gen X cruiser proprietors, 22 percent were ladies; among Gen Y, 26 percent were ladies.

“As the quantity of Boomer and develop motorcyclists shrivel and are supplanted by more current riders, we could before long be taking a gander at a strong 25 percent of cruiser proprietors being female,” said Andria Yu, MIC executive of interchanges. “We’ve witnesses firsthand a lot more ladies riders — on the streets, on the trails, on the track, with families, at motorcycling occasions, framing clubs and simply being a piece of ordinary gathering rides. Numerous individuals in the business have worked somewhere in the range of 30 years to accomplish this, and now the information affirms it: More and more ladies are getting out there and appreciating bikes.”


The MIC surveyed 2,472 grown-ups across the nation for the 2018 Motorcycle/ATV Owner Survey. For a considerable length of time, the MIC reviews have filled in as the evaluation of motorcycling, and have followed an unfaltering development in the level of ladies who possess bikes.

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Source : MIC
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