These are prized possession than a gold mine.Britten V1000 was build by John Britten in 1990s accompanied with his few friends in Christchurch, New Zealand.It won several accolades but the main were winning the Battle of Twins in Daytona International Speedway in US apart from Fastest Top Speed at Isle of Man TT in 1993.

Top Specs of V1000

Engine: 999 cc Water-cooled, V Twin, 4 Stroke
Weight : 138 kgs
Top Speed : 303 km/h (188 mph)
Gear Box : 5 Speed
Fuel Tank : 24 Litres
Power : 166 HP @ 11,800 rpm


Well this would have been easily a very advance bike at that time as it was made with carbon fiber components and if you could see the power to weight ratio was very lethal well which could even surpass much of today’s race bikes.

Matt Thompson when he visited Britten in 1993 they took few photographs which he did not disclosed to anyone and were with him and his family.

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