Nio, the electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer, achieved a significant milestone by adding a record-breaking 46 battery swap stations in China in a single day. This achievement surpassed their previous high of 29 stations added on July 31. Over the past three months, Nio has consistently bolstered its infrastructure at the end of each month.

Electric Vehicle (EV)

A noteworthy aspect of this expansion is the addition of 21 battery swap stations along highways, contributing to a total of 500 such stations strategically positioned for highway travellers. Nio’s commitment to establishing a robust charging network is evident, with a current total of 1,774 battery swap stations in China as of August 31.


The growth extends to supercharging stations as well. With the introduction of 32 new supercharging stations, Nio’s count now stands at 1,692, offering a substantial 8,168 charging piles. Additionally, 13 destination charging stations were added, increasing the total to 1,372. These stations are conveniently located in various settings to cater to the daily charging needs of EV owners.

Battery Swap Stations

In total, Nio marked an all-time high by adding 91 facilities, encompassing battery swap stations, supercharging, and destination charging stations, in a single day.

Nio’s expansion plans for 2023 are ambitious. Initially aiming to add 400 new battery swap stations, the target was revised to 1,000, emphasizing both highway and urban locations. The introduction of the third-generation battery swap station, capable of storing up to 21 battery packs, enhances efficiency and convenience.


William Li, Nio’s founder, chairman, and CEO, disclosed the third-generation battery swap stations break even with 60 services per day. Impressively, 20 per cent of these stations have already achieved this level of utilization. Nio’s dedication to advancing its charging infrastructure underscores its commitment to promoting electric vehicle adoption in China.


Nio’s remarkable strides in expanding its EV charging infrastructure, particularly in battery swap stations, reflect its commitment to driving sustainable transportation in China. The record-breaking addition of 46 stations in a single day, along with the strategic placement along highways, underscores Nio’s dedication to providing seamless charging experiences for travellers. This growth is complemented by the surge in supercharging and destination charging stations, further enhancing convenience for EV owners.

Nio’s visionary plans for 2023, including the introduction of the third-generation battery swap stations with improved efficiency and storage capacity, demonstrate the company’s forward-thinking approach. The CEO’s insight that these stations are achieving high utilization rates validates Nio’s strategic decisions.

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