NMoto has now decided it’s ready to usher in the Golden Age BMW C 400 X body kit. The concept was initially inspired by the elegant and understated Courtney Streamline scooter from the 1940s. But the kit is reflected through a distinctly modern lens. 

The result is an almost art deco look, albeit with a thoroughly futuristic ethos. The designers say that the Golden Age is about bringing out the essence of “the rebellious spirit and freedom of moving forward.” Not just a flashy sales brochure-ready slogan for a fantastic looking scooter body kit, it seems!



 An ageing product line isn’t a stillborn product line. It’s an evolving one. In the case of NMoto and Zillers Garage’s C 400 X body kit, it’s evolved into five new SKUs. 

The kit

Based on BMW’s all-new C 400 X and styled in-house by NMoto, the kit serves as a sort of acknowledgement that some buyers prefer the look of stripped-down. Angular bodywork over the smoother curves seen on most new motorcycles these days. 

Or perhaps that’s too cynical a view, and we should be much more optimistic about how many people have proven that they like this style. Either way, there’s nothing wrong with different. Heck, that’s really what makes motorcycling so unique.

With their fair share of manufacturing experience and a catalogue of edgy products. You know that NMoto isn’t messing around. Thus, quality is something to be expected from the brand. Put simply. 

This kit looks every bit as good as it does on the press images and in-house mockups. The carbon fibre quality is excellent, and the design is super aggressive.


The package will include NMoto’s 9-piece carbon fibre body kit. A set of powder-coated subframes, an exhaust system relocation kit, all the grilles/side mouldings/decorative parts, the Golden Age badges and more.

The kit arrives in four shades cream and red with a brown saddle. Or seafoam, cream with a brown saddle, black with a brown saddle, black and red with a black saddle.

Seats are diamond-stitched, and for the kit. The price starts at $12,490 and this doesnt include the base C 400 X.

Also, this kit won’t work with the C 400 GT.

via NMoto

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