NMoto builds the exclusive “ Nostalgia BMW R7 “ collector’s edition

 NMoto builds the exclusive “ Nostalgia BMW R7 “ collector’s edition

Unique Requirement

A specific requirement came to Alex Niznik, Founder and CEO of NMoto. To develop something exclusive that no one had built earlier.

He was the same person who had brought a Nostalgia bike from NMoto and was eager to get a hand on something made a high-end statement. 

Nostalgia editions were unveiled two years before and are a complement to the beautiful 1934 BMW R7. This work of art was shelved during WWII long before 70 years from today.

Nostalgia gets components like a new drive train from the current BMW R Nine T while keeping the exemplary R7 DNA intact.

Neon lights highlight any deformity in the design. However, Nostalgia design is perfect without any flaw.

High-End Requests

The second request came from the client was to build the “Titanium Panels. ” However, Alex Niznik told him the “Titanium Panels” are hard to work.

The client then suggested, “Platinum with pink gold trim.” will also do.

Other high-end requests were Louis Vuitton leather on the seat and Cartier timepiece on the fuel tank. What more, there is also the presence of the electric starter with the availability of the kick starter.

Pink gold gauge bezels. Each component made to look like this motorcycle to be one heavenly beauty. Oh well, and it is.

Another perfect pose of Nostalgia.

The Process

The other creative mind behind this beautiful commission was Christian Travert, who not only drives his own company Traverson Motorcycles but is also responsible for creating world-class customs. Alex Niznik hired Christian.

In 2003 Traverson Motorcycles was merged with Labock technologies to develop new products for the U.S. Military and World police. Such as armoured trucks as Chief Design Engineer, Engineer, and designer of the “Rhino Runner.” 

And they use to transport military VIPs, such as Mr Rumsfeld and other government officials while visiting Iraq, Kuwait, and other Middle Eastern Countries and the transport of Saddam Hussein when brought to justice. 

It is a vehicle of choice used by the military VIPs when travelling from Baghdad Airport to the “Green Zone.”

Mount Rushmore etched on the cylinder covers are made from the billets.

The work started with Christian Travert understanding of how the jewellery will fit into panels and other components. After Analysis, found it out, and it requires five times more effort of hand labour.

Later Alex Niznik checked with the client to build more than one piece, and they would be around ten or more. If none was given to him.

Now, this meant cost comes segregated while making the limited editions. While building a single copy may prove very expensive.

Presentation made to showcase high-end components used to build the ” Nostalgia.” 

This limited piece of art also holds a special place in the motorcycle fraternity. Plus, NMoto has built one of the classic cases of creating an excellent customer experience.

Customer Experience

Well, each potential buyer can now see unique components on their motorcycles, be it timepiece gauges or any other. NMoto has all the capability to do so.

One must understand what NMoto has built is a piece of individualistic and exceptional art. And it has no space to repeat.

Alex Niznik says they custom make the engine covers. However, every client is open to what kind of engine cover is required.

A most significant challenge Travert came across was to build a smooth surface on every component of the motorcycle. 

Topview view again shows the high-end components like Cartier Timepiece, Louis Vuitton leather seat, Two starters. At the same time, one is electric. The other is conventional, pink gold gauge bezels, Nostalgia emblem at the centre.

Once the custom gets the final shape, the team need to double-check before it goes to the plating process. Therefore, the form had to be perfect.

In the plating process, Christian Travert said he added three layers, Copper, Nickel, and Platinum. After every step, there is a re-polish done. However, one should also remember the plating process takes time.

It required the combination of an entrepreneurial mind and creative hands for this massive project. And we must say Niznik and Travert expertly did it.

The custom not only adds one more Nostalgia to the NMoto’s catalogue. However, it has raised the bar on how the customs are built. 

Mr Klaus Kutscher, the man who restored the original BMW R7, visited NMoto’s workshop.



  • The client gets more than expected.
  • The motorcycle fraternity gets to see this beautiful piece of art.
  • Two innovative and creative minds are coming together.
  • NMoto gets more commission work. However, it is confidential.
  • Only 10 are produced.


Image Source: NMoto

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