The Noale wonder last made the headlines in May 2020 when it was spied.

Again the RS660 is spied while testing and the spied pictures come from Facebook group.  

The RS660 is scheduled to be unveiled by Aprilia this autumn. From the spied pics we could see the RS660 in its full form. Now there are two RS660 bikes spied. 


However, if you closely observe you could see the lenticular headlight that is placed between two plates. Now, we are talking about the bike which is in the foreground.

Two Variants?

The question here is does Aprilia plan to bring two variants or is it just a change in aesthetics?

The other difference that we see in these two spied prototypes is the placement of the arrows.

Now, these arrows, if you see for the bike that stands in the background, are placed at the end of the double headlight but for the bike that is in the foreground, the arrows are in the mirrors.

Apart from the effort that Aprilia has put, the seat looks comfortable for the long hauls and the bike looks top notch.


Well, the autumn is not far and we expect the bikes in the dealership at the start of 2021.

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