The accessory manufacturer Puig presents a new design concept that will mark its future products. It aims to open the debate on the features and accessories that the motorcycles of tomorrow must-have.

The spectacular Diablo is the first result of this EVERFLOWING DESIGN project. It is created with exclusive accessories for a riding experience and improved aerodynamic performance.


Under the name EVERFLOWING DESIGN, Puig has just presented its most ambitious design project materialized in Diablo. An exercise in creativity without limits developed by the brand’s design department.


True to its philosophy of improving production motorcycles in terms of aesthetics and performance. Puig’s designers and engineers have let their imagination run wild to show what the accessories of tomorrow’s motorcycles will be like.

The Diablo is a motorcycle that leaves no one unmoved. Developed from a Yamaha MT-09 SP, Puig has modified the riding position.After an ergonomic study to improve aerodynamics and rider protection. As an exercise in the style of the reference firm and specialist in accessories.

It incorporates a whole series of elements, such as innovative mobile wings. To shape a dream naked motorcycle that offers an improved riding experience and performance.


“With involvement and passion. The DNA of a family business like ours. Which today is led by the second generation with the same commitment from the beginning to be a benchmark for motorcycle accessories worldwide”. Pointed out Joan Puig, Commercial Director of Puig, during the presentation ceremony of the Diablo.

In the words of Berta Perarnau, head of design“This is the first time that we have faced such a free design project. It has been an exciting challenge and learning for the whole team that has allowed us to see what we are capable of doing. And new lines of the design and many ideas for the future have emerged from it.”

For his part, Miquel Vallribera, the leading designer, highlights that “we wanted to open the debate on what the motorcycle and accessories of the future can be like. Showing how we imagine it at Puig and the result, the Diablo, I think is the perfect exponent, with active aerodynamics, protection, functionality, and aesthetics as design principles”.

via Puig

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