Despite facing physical challenges at the start of the 2023 Dutch GP, Quartararo showed his resilience, securing a podium finish in the sprint race. He came in third place, alongside fellow racers Marco Bezzecchi and Pecco Bagnaia, who finished first and second, respectively.


However, Quartararo’s luck turned for the worse during the main race. He had a crash on the third lap, worsening his injury and causing further displacement of the fracture in his toe. But even with this setback, Quartararo remains optimistic and determined to recover quickly.

The crash also involved Johann Zarco, and both riders were taken to the medical centre. Quartararo took responsibility for the accident, which ended Zarco’s three-podium streak.


Fortunately, Quartararo’s arm injury is not severe and will heal quickly. While his foot will require surgery and a more extended recovery period, he expects to be ready for the upcoming Silverstone GP in August 2023. He will take a well-deserved rest for now but won’t miss any races due to these injuries, according to current projections.

Fabio Quartararo Injury Dutch GP 2023

Quartararo said in an interview.

“The arm recovery is not going to be so long.I will have to check for the foot, but it [is expected to be] surgery. 

“I don’t know if I could race right now. It’s pretty painful. I think I will rest now, but I expect to be ready for Silverstone,” he added. 

Here are the pros and cons of Quartararo’s injuries:


  • He will not miss any races.
  • His arm injury is not serious, and he expects to be back in action soon.
  • He is still the defending champion and one of the favourites to win the title again this year.


  • His foot will need surgery, and will likely be out for a few weeks.
  • This could affect his performance in the second half of the season.
  • He must take some time off to recover, which could disrupt his training and preparation.

Overall, the pros of Quartararo’s injuries outweigh the cons. He will not miss any races and is still the defending champion. However, he will need to take some time off to recover, which could affect his performance in the second half of the season.

Here are some additional thoughts on the pros and cons:

  • The fact that Quartararo will not miss any races is a big positive. He is still in the title hunt and will be able to continue his momentum.
  • The surgery on his foot is a bit more concerning. It is possible that he could be out for longer than a few weeks, which could hurt his chances of winning the title.
  • However, Quartararo is a very talented rider who has shown he can overcome adversity. I am confident that he will be back to his best soon.

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