Rumours are going around about an electric scooter brand making its debut in India, known as Super Soco.

The rumour started when Vmoto, the company owns the EV brand, and MOU is present among an Indian firm.

Vmoto has entered into a contract or an agreement with an Indian company called the Bird Group to sell. And market their electric scooters in India. 


Initially, Bird Group will order 10000 units of electric scooters for the Indian market with additional plans to call a few more testing units.

Powering the electric scooter will be a 0.6 kW electric motor gets its juice from a 0.96 kWh battery pack with NCM technology. Further, it comes with the FOC3.3 control unit.

The scooter’s battery pack weighs about 7.2 kg. Which is also removable to charge at home or the workplace. 

The battery takes about 7 hours to charge from 0 to 100 per cent. They are providing nearly 60 – 70 km. The E scooter gives a top speed of 45 kmph.

The scooter offers various features, such as a keyless start with the help of a remote.LED rear indicators/turn signals, an LED taillight, a monochrome LCD instrument cluster, and 12-inch wheels. 

It will be globally and readily available in 4 colours, red, black, grey, and white.

It will be manufactured in China as a whole, fully built unit or assembled in India. 





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