When Yamaha introduced the FZ-07 with CP2 in 2014. It allowed budget-friendly sportbike riders to own a sportbike that wouldn’t necessarily scare them.

With its lightweight CC motor and torquey Yamaha-spec 689cc parallel-twin engine. It was considered by many to be one of the most bangs for your buck motorcycles on the market today.

Yamaha_YZF-R7_my2022_SC1S-Titanio_Completo-Omologato_3-4AnterioreThe only problem has been that it didn’t sound all that great when leaving dealerships. Well, that’s what few motorcycle enthusiasts thought.


R D.N.A.

The ‘CP2’ 270-degree cross-plane crankshaft, as the name implies, is a two-cylinder. You can find a horizontal-opposed twin ‘parallel’ engine in several bikes produced and sold by Japanese motorcycle manufacturer Yamaha Motor Co. Ltd. But most prominently found in the FZ/MT family and now in its ‘R’ D.N.A.

The cylinders come in two planes or banks using the cross-plane crankshaft. The distance between the centre lines of the cylinders roughly equals half their diameter. 

In a cross-plane V8 on the crankshaft axis, one bank is 90° ahead of the other (90° between firing events in each bank). 


They can contrast it with an offset engine where the banks get spaced differently to make exhaust system routing more efficient over a straight engine block.


Since Yamaha made the CP2 mandatory on the R7, aftermarket exhaust options have been hard to find. Some companies have made versatile slip-on can configurations, but not everyone wanted to add a muffler to their R7. 

I’m sure plenty of racers doesn’t want the weight either. Even though I’d like to see a full-system option sooner rather than later, it is good to know that someone listened to what consumers wanted, and SC-Project developed their full-system pipe for the R7. Now you can have your cake and eat it too!

It is an innovative complete exhaust system for the 2022 model of the Yamaha Y.Z.F. R7.

The entire exhaust system arrives with high-quality AISI 304 stainless steel. Perfectly fitting with original lambda probes.


C.N.C. machined billet bushings and T.I.G. welding performed in a protected environment. 


To ensure the best performance on all types of roads and the overall lighting of the bike. In full compliance with the Euro5 homologation regulations.

You can choose the SC1-S silencer in line with the motorcycle style. The carbon fibre end cap, titanium body, and laser marked SC-Project logo (the logo arrives with an embossed aluminium plate).

The muffler is available in carbon fibre or titanium. There is a strong and deep sound at every acceleration, ready not to let your bike go unnoticed.

Available in Carbon Fibre and Titanium, the exhaust reduces 2 kg weight and arrives at 1,260 Euros, or around $1,400.

via SC-Project

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