Segura lumberjack style Sierra textile shirt is packed with features

Segura lumberjack style Sierra textile shirt is packed with features

Gone are the days when bikers would wear nothing but a leather biker jacket. A pair of metal boots, and a pair of pants that came in any colour as long as it was black. 

With innovations being made almost every year in motorcycle gear. It has become possible for riders to don stylish, versatile, and functional attire for their motorcycles.

The biking fashion industry is not losing its creative edge with innovations and advancements. 

Some companies are delving into motorcycle gear and equipment manufacturers (gear companies) to design recent biking fashion trends. 

With a few exceptions, many companies are using racing sports-wear styling and colour combinations to enhance the experience of bikes on city streets. Or combining elements of outdoor wear to make riding clothing more independent.

The Segura motorcycle clothing collection is designed to reflect the latest urban street-wear fashions. 

At the same time, it is hardwearing and functional. Making it perfect for those who want to look good on and off the bike. The volumizing effect of the textiles in the collection makes it an excellent choice for anyone.

Available in red and black plaid patterns, this is a two-pocket jacket.

Whats more?

When you’re trusting your body to a jacket for safety.You should expect it to use some of the latest protective materials, and Segura doesn’t disappoint with the Sierra. 

Offering excellent abrasion resistance through a Dupont Kevlar polycotton tartan weave and imperviousness from a high-tech waterproofing system.The Sierra is an attractive addition to any motorcyclists apparel wardrobe.

Whilst the earlier models aim at urban riders. However Seirra is for trail riders. It’s a durable jacket designed to offer protection from dirt, mud, and rain while offering thermal comfort. 

It comes with a waterproof outer shell with taped seams and a reinforced spirit visor that will keep out falling leaves and provide additional protection during off-road riding. 

With CE certified protectors on the elbows and shoulders and being compatible with Level 2 back protectors, this jacket is certainly no slouch when it comes to safety.

It is a unique workwear garment because it includes a feature that I have not seen in this type of clothing. 

In addition to the basic requirements (protection, flexibility and mobility) that expect with a jacket such as this.

The jacket also has the Class A PPE certification to EN1621-1: 2013 and EN17092 standards.

The jacket arrives in sizes from S to 4XL and has 239.99 Euros ($272) as the price tag.

via Segura


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