Cover-SHOEI-JO-Basalt Gray

In Japan, SHOEI plans to add a new paint scheme, ‘ Basalt Gray ‘, to its open face ‘JO’ helmet.

And SHOEI intends to release it from June 2021.

Designed exclusively for JO, the CJ-3 Shield is a thoroughly researched crystal for safety. And comfort while emphasising that it blends in as part of the rider’s fashion. 


While imagining a classic style, the CJ-3 incorporates an atmosphere reminiscent of a bubble shield. 

And despite its sizeable curved shape, it is natural and clear by pursuing each part of the shield’s thickness and subtle curvature. 

Furthermore, the shape and opening/closing angle designed to minimise the wind involved while avoiding interference when wearing glasses and sunglasses and the rider’s face.

The existing paint schemes off-white, black, matte black, matte light silver, british green, laguna blue, and graphic model “CARBURETTOR” will stay as-is.

The JO comes in 5 sizes: S (55cm), M (57cm), L (59cm), XL (61cm), XXL (63cm). The price is 37,400 yen while the carburetor is 46,200 yen.

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