Now you can show your hairs via helmet

 Now you can show your hairs via helmet

For all the long-haired motorcyclists, a brand new product has recently entered the motorcycle market. 

Hightail is a high-quality textile bag and comes directly attached to any helmet, while the hair goes in the bag while the helmet is on. 

As we all know, other than maintaining long hair, wearing helmets is a bigger problem as it makes the hair scraggly and rough.

And the hair becomes normal after excessive brushing and combing. 

The hightail comes designed not to require the hair to be open, tied.

Or braided because once the hightail comes attached to the helmet and the helmet is worn. 

The hair comes twisted and further rolled up stored in the hair bag. 

Inside, the bag comes with elastic bands, and its outer ends are attached to the outside of the helmet. 

Along with the Hightail Hairbag, two clip strips provide attachment, so it becomes more accessible and is glued to the back of the helmet at the bottom of the final plastic strip. 

Jen invented the Hightail Bike hair guard, who is also the founder of the company. In three videos, she explains how the hair bag is

  • Attach to the helmet,
  • How to put on the helmet and stow hair, and
  • How the bag is best stowed if it is to last a long time.

Jen said she invented and designed this product as she needed a product to protect her long hair. 

The Hightail costs about 45 euros which are approximately 3,858.15 Indian Rupees. 

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Akash Dolas

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