Komaki adds new electric motorcycle MX3 to its portfolio

 Komaki adds new electric motorcycle MX3 to its portfolio

Komaki launches a new electric bike.

Komaki introduced the brand new MX3 electric motorcycle in India. As the company previously rolled out three more high-speed battery-powered two-wheelers this year.

The bike arrives at Rupees 95000 (ex-showroom, India).

The Komaki MX3 prides its self on its 125 km of riding with a fully charged battery. 

As per Komaki, the bike’s energy consumption is not more than 1-1.5 units of electricity to get juiced up and is very “pocket friendly” about their overall cost, charge, and maintenance. 

While all this comes mentioned, the company does not estimate how long it will take to charge. 

A removable Li-ion battery is attached to the bike for convenient and hassle-free charging. 

The bike comes readily available in 3 stylish paint schemes garnet red, deep blue, and jet black.

The Komaki MX3 possesses various features, such as regenerative dual-disc braking.


An Inbuilt Bluetooth Speaker, self-diagnosis and repair switch, parking and reverse assist, full-colour LED dash, and a switch to toggle between 3-speed modes. 

It also boasts a high 300-350 kg payload capacity.

The mechanical features and components of this bike are vast. 

The MX3 features 17-inch wheels, telescopic shock absorbers on either end, alloy wheels, and disc brakes on both wheels. The front headlamp and the rear headlamp are halogens. 

LED blinker lights, a digital instrument cluster, and several compartments for convenient storage. 


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Akash Dolas

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