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Kawasaki’s supercharged cruiser ‘ Eliminator’

Just when we thought what more could Kawasaki innovate? Oh well, we are wrong. And this isn’t for the first time. Kawasaki is marching ahead when it comes to the Japanese big four. Whether its lethal naked supercharged ZH2 or helping Bimota for there Tesi H2 and KB4. Horex days 2019 Kawasaki Japan to bring […]Read More

2021 Kawasaki ZH2 Vs 2020 ZH2, specs, price and more

Overview Behaviour What has changed since then? Competitors Price Video Specs Overview Kawasaki started teasing its most aspiring naked from September 2019. We could almost see three combined teasers of ZH2 from  September to October 2019. 2021 Yamaha E-Vino, specs, price and more Bimota Tesi H2 patents, specs, price and more Kawasaki teaser 2021 In […]Read More

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