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Deus Ex Machina, BMW Motorrad R nineT get together

Our correspondent Christopher Bridges attended the R nineT get together at the Deus Ex Machina Cafe in Sydney, Australia. Then decided to play tour guide for all our international subscribers. The get together also involved multiple variants of BMW Motorrad’s cool R NineT. The new BMW R18 classic and BMW R18 BMW R18 touring variant spotted All […]Read More

2021 BMW R nineT prototype is spied

 An undisguised 2021 BMW R nineT prototype was caught on the Munich roads.   The prototype has a few visual and technical changes to the current model. The cylinder head covers and the ignition cable feed are brand new.   The throttle valve elements in the announcement area are also slightly changed.   Visually, BMW […]Read More

How to Defy Gravity-Adrenaline Culture

Good morning viewers. It is the 20th of may today, one day after my 59th birthday. Yesterday I ticked off the number one item on my bucket list, to defy gravity. We all love our bikes. We learn from physics that speed distance and time are all interwoven and closely related. Many riders have at […]Read More

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