Deus Ex Machina, BMW Motorrad R nineT get together

 Deus Ex Machina, BMW Motorrad R nineT get together

Our correspondent Christopher Bridges attended the R nineT get together at the Deus Ex Machina Cafe in Sydney, Australia.

Then decided to play tour guide for all our international subscribers. The get together also involved multiple variants of BMW Motorrad’s cool R NineT.

About R nineT

Before few days BMW Motorrad unveiled the new R nineT range. The R nineT falls under the heritage segment of BMW Motorrad.

With 1,170cc, air/oil-cooled, 4-stroke flat twin engine with balance shaft, it was in 2014 when BMW brought the R nineT on the motorcycle scene.

With 1,170cc motor, the R nineT is capable of producing 80 kW (109 hp) at 7250 rpm (previously 81 kW (110 hp) at 7750 rpm), while the maximum torque is still 116 Nm at 6000 rpm. 

The current 2021 variant gets the cylinder head, cylinder head cover and throttle valve parts all in a new design.

Further, the R nineT can achieve the top speed of 201 kmh (125 mph).

R nineT comes in four different flavours.

  • R nineT, 
  • Pure,
  • Scrambler and 
  • R nineT Urban G/S.

Deus Ex Machina Ex Cafe, Sydney, Australia

Deus Ex Machina Ex Cafe plays the perfect host for riders as well as motorcycle enthusiasts.

The House Of Simple pleasures is set in a 1600 square meter renovated factory building in Camperdown Sydney. 

Home to a retail space, motorcycle showroom, workshop facilities and design studio. 

Connected to the showroom is the Deus Cafe, where locals of the inner west rub elbows at communal tables with riders gassing up on caffeine before their Saturday excursions.

The core of business lies from selling bikes such as Yamaha SR400s, TW220s and Kawasaki W650s as well as a selection of significant classic bikes. 

Visitors to the Deus showroom will find hand-built fixed gear track bicycles.  

And a range of Deus brand clothing and luggage as well as a handful of items which feature timeless design and reflect the Deus culture.

Classic bike accessories and books are on sale, while objects such as prints and paintings by artists such as Robert Williams, Stevie Gee, Robert Moore and Japanese artist, Rockin’ Jelly Bean, are on display.

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