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Do we see a new BMW S1000RR soon?

BMW seems to be working on improving S1000RR “BMW is in the process of making few improvements to its much-acclaimed S1000RR, so we will see some related activity in the coming years.” M1000RR is a trademark application BMW has applied for a trademark such as M1000RR. It is an HP4 RACE based on the old model […]Read More

Isle of Man TT BMW S1000RR HP4 livery that costs

Isle of Man TT  The most ferocious motorcycle event, ” Isle of Man,” starts from 30th May 2020. Few of the manufacturers who are involved in this event are  Honda with 250 plus wins  Yamaha 230 plus wins£ Suzuki 100 plus wins Norton 90 plus wins and  Kawasaki 40 plus wins. These are all-time top 5 […]Read More

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