Arc Vehicles have some electrifying news to share! The UK Government has granted funding to Arc Vehicle for a groundbreaking project in partnership with Talos Technology. This is not just a feather in the cap, but a giant leap towards revolutionizing electric vehicle technology.

Key points of the dual motor system for electric vehicles

  • Boosted performance: Faster acceleration and higher top speeds.
  • Enhanced efficiency: Longer range and reduced energy consumption.
  • Reduced battery mass: Smaller and lighter battery pack.
  • Modular design: Easy to experiment with different motor configurations and implement improvements across a range of vehicle models.


Vision? To create a high-performance, dual-motor system that promises not only a boost in performance but also enhanced efficiency. But the innovation doesn’t stop there. They are aiming to reduce the mass of the battery, a challenge that many have pondered upon, but few have ventured to tackle.

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What sets the project apart is its modular approach. Imagine being able to experiment with different motor configurations without having to redesign the entire system. Whether it’s a sleek city commuter motorcycle or a rugged adventure bike, they can tailor the system using the same two base motors. This adaptability ensures that our technology will pave the way for a diverse range of models in the future.

Collaboration with Talos Technology

Collaboration with Talos Technology is the cornerstone of this initiative. With their expertise and Arc’s vision, Arc Vehicles believes they are on the cusp of introducing next-level performance and efficiency standards to the electric vehicle sector. The future looks bright, and we’re thrilled to be steering towards it with Talos Technology by their side.


As we charge forward, our collaboration with Talos Technology empowers to reshape the electric vehicle landscape. With a shared vision and the support from the UK Government, Arc is not just dreaming of the future; they are actively building it. Join them on this thrilling journey, as together, we drive towards a more efficient, powerful, and sustainable tomorrow. ⚡️

Stay tuned, because the electric vehicle landscape is about to get a whole lot more dynamic.

Arc Vehicle

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