BMW’s Boxer Engine Legacy

BMW has always proudly showcased its boxer engines. The company installs these engines longitudinally in their motorcycle frames, letting the massive cylinders stick out of the sides. This signature look has defined BMW Motorrad’s lineup for years.

Introducing the BMW R20 Concept

At the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este, BMW debuted the R20 concept, taking their iconic design to a whole new level. By placing their biggest boxer engine in a cafe racer-style chassis, BMW has created a bike with insane proportions.

A Mechanical Masterpiece

Markus Flasch, Head of BMW Motorrad, calls the BMW R20 concept a “mechanical masterpiece.” The “Big Boxer” engine is the star of the show, featuring an air-oil-cooled 2,000cc twin-cylinder setup with a 2-into-2 exhaust that gives the bike a throaty rasp.


New Engineering Innovations

The R20 isn’t just about the engine. It boasts a new double-loop main frame made of chrome-molybdenum steel tubes, providing a sturdy backbone. The bike also features a new “double-arm” Paralever rear swingarm setup and a shortened driveshaft to fit within its compact footprint.

Balanced Kinematics

BMW designed the bike’s kinematics to ensure that the drive torque is completely balanced, a necessity given the engine’s huge displacement. Öhlins suspension front and rear, along with twin 17-inch wheels, keep the bike’s dynamics in check.

Powerful Braking System

Stopping power comes from a 6-piston brake setup at the front and a 4-piston setup at the back, ensuring the R20 can halt its 2.0-liter Boxer engine’s progress efficiently.

Eye-Catching Design

The R20’s aesthetic is just as impressive as its engineering. It’s painted in a bold color called “Hotter than Pink,” a shade BMW hasn’t used since the 1970s. The bike also features polished and anodized aluminum parts, including the cylinder head covers, belt cover, and air intake funnels, all in a gunmetal paint scheme.

Modern Meets Classic

According to Alexander Buckan, Head of Design BMW Motorrad, the R20 concept combines modern technical elements with classic roadster design. Its oversized proportions and minimalistic aesthetic make it an unmistakable character.

The Unobtainable Dream

Currently, the R20 is just a concept and not for sale. However, BMW has a history of turning their design concepts into production models. So, while you can’t buy the R20 now, it might appear in dealerships in the near future. For now, it’s a piece of eye-candy that’s hard to look away from.

Experience the Future of BMW Motorrad

Can’t stop staring at the stunning BMW R20 concept? Stay tuned for updates and be the first to know if this mechanical masterpiece hits the market. Keep an eye on BMW’s latest innovations and never miss a beat in the world of cutting-edge motorcycle design. Subscribe to our newsletter for the latest news and updates!

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