There’s a sense of freedom that comes with owning a scooter. It gives you a whole new perspective on your city, because now you can zip around while getting there. What could be more fun than that?

In recent times, Super Soco has shifted its focus to the European and US markets. It has led to the release of some limited-edition electric scooters and motorcycles. 

The latest new product from the company is a hot colour variant of its popular JL99 CUMini naked style electric scooter. It will be only available for purchase in Europe.


The scooter was released to celebrate the retirement of MotoGP World Champion Jorge Lorenzo. The CUMini is now available in a limited edition JL99 paint scheme.

Limited Edition

It was only a matter of time before we saw the next unique edition scooter.Due to Super Soco’s partnership with JL99 (Jorge Lorenzo, as he’s better known in the world of MotoGP). 

The Spanish racing star has been featured quite prominently on Super Soco’s Instagram account.So it’s only fair to create a unique model to honour him.

Even though this is an electric scooter and not some high-performance motorcycle. The JL99 CUMini does look like it’s ready to hit the city. 

The JL99 logo, which is also Jorge Lorenzo signature racing number.Can be seen in a couple of places.Most obviously on the front and rear. 

The scooter comes in pink stripes on black shade with black wheels and white spokes with the disc brake.

Aside from the colourway and components, Super Soco put some thought into their newest creation. 

As a result, it gets upgraded features, including LED headlights. And Rizoma components such as mirrors, turns signals, levers, and colour matched top case with a grab for added utility.

The special edition comes with a backpack that doubles as a backup battery or USB port to charge your devices while you ride.

Also, to signify the bike’s authenticity, the owners of the limited-edition scooter get a numbered aluminium plate.

via Super Soco


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