It’s been a while since we last heard from VMoto as a motorcycle manufacturer. The company doesn’t appear to have gone away. In fact, the company has been making serious efforts to build and bring new technological innovations.

Although known by VMoto.The company also sells its range of two-wheelers under the Super Soco brand (which is currently VMoto’s most popular electric bike series). 

The company is looking to change this with the launch of a new premium electric motorcycle brand called VMoto Soco. The all-new VMoto brand will be made available in European and North American markets.


So there will be two brands VMoto and Super Soco. And they plan to unveil this label in the upcoming EICMA 2021.

The company is currently looking to enter into new markets witnessing high demand for light-weight electric two-wheelers.

New brand VMoto

Going by the insights garnered by its market research, it plans to enter the future US and European markets. 

The company intends to make its products more appealing to its international customers by applying advanced technologies, including better batteries. 

The brand looks forward to expand its product portfolio by soon introducing larger bikes under its Super Soco brand.

Well, we understand like the production and designs of Super Soco motorcycles are made in China.

However, for motorcycles under VMoto, their design and production will stay in Europe. With the brand coming into play, the company plans to bring premium tech motorcycles.

Good thing we will also get to see the new model under the VMoto at the upcoming EICMA.

The electric motorcycle brand will be a destination for the growing number of millennials. And exciting luxury products without compromising performance and affordability. 

The brand will also serve as an extension of VMoto’s shared mobility business through cutting-edge technologies.

On the other hand, VMoto Soco will go hand in hand with Super Soco.And offer its entry products specifically for Europe and Asia.

It will be good to see how these two brands under the same roof perform. For B2B markets, VMoto Soco has also unveiled the VMoto Fleet.And it will be responsible for providing ride-sharing services and last-mile delivery. 

via Caradisiac


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