Stealth VMoto Soco

Just over a month after announcing their new partnership with C-Creative.Stealth Electric Bikes announces a new strategic, commercial partnership with Vmoto Soco Italia.

A subsidiary of Vmoto Soco International. Vmoto Soco is a leader in the electric bike market with the brands Vmoto, E-max and the flagship Super Soco.

The agreement will see shared resources across activities including marketing, sales.And aftersales management in Italy.


Stealth VMoto Soco

The aim is to lay the foundations for synergistic commercial growth.Aimed at increasing market share in the L1 (mopeds) and L3 (motorbikes) segments. And consolidating the two brands in Italy and subsequently in Europe.

The sharing of the Vmoto Soco sales network opens up opportunities for Stealth across Italy. And the rest of Europe, with the aim of offering a premium service for European customers to purchase.Maintain and customise their Australian-made e-bikes.


John Karambalis, CEO of Stealth, commented: “This is an important synergy that will allow two complementary but aligned companies to optimise and increase their market share together.

We are proud to be working alongside a partner like Vmoto Soco. Certain that we can make a significant contribution in terms of experience and professionalism.”

Graziano Milone, President Strategy and Business Developments of Vmoto Soco International. “We are happy to be able to share with a team of qualified professionals.

The objective of consolidating in Italy the results that our group is achieving in all the main international markets. Stealth’s technical and design expertise will be a great opportunity. For the VMOTO SOCO Italy team to compare and develop.”

Stealth VMoto Soco

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