The KC23, a one-off special by Ferrari, showcases a bold and futuristic design fits well into Cyberpunk aesthetics.

One of Ferrari’s leading collectors commissioned it, who desired a car blended timelessness with radical and futuristic elements, offering a glimpse into the future of road and racing car design.

Design Language

The design language of the KC23 provides clues about what to expect from the successor to the LaFerrari.


Here are some of the key features of the KC23:

  • Bold, futuristic design
  • Scissor doors
  • Removable wing
  • Mechanised air intakes
  • Based on the 488 GT3
  • Cleaner, more monolithic design
  • Similar interior to the 488 GT3
  • Celebration of the 488 GT3

Notable technical features of the KC23 include scissor doors, a removable wing, and a mechanized air intake. The scissor doors set it apart from other variants of the 488 and are designed so they do not interfere with the car’s underlying structure.


Since the KC23 is based on the 488 GT3, it naturally includes large air vents on the rear haunches. However, these vents are covered when not in use. The KC23 can mechanically open the covers to draw in the precise air required.

A desire for design purity drives the decision to make the wing removable and cover the air intake. Ferrari aimed for a clean and monolithic appearance, akin to a sculpture hewn from solid material. Additionally, the KC23 boasts a four-layer aluminium liquid metal paint, adding to its unique aesthetic.


While the exterior design is a standout feature, the KC23 shares its layout, chassis, and engine with the 488 GT3. Ferrari claims the performance of the track-oriented racer has been fully preserved in this design study. The interior, however, aligns closely with of the 488 GT3, staying true to the race car’s identity.

Moreover, the KC23 serves as a celebration of the 488 GT3, which the 296 GT3 has succeeded. The 488 GT3 holds the remarkable distinction of being the most successful racing Ferrari in history, with over 530 victories and more than 119 championships to its name.

Focus on Design

The KC23 represents a thoroughbred creation by Ferrari, embodying a captivating fusion of design, performance, and racing heritage. If you want to witness this exceptional car firsthand, it will debut at the 2023 Goodwood Festival of Speed, shimmering in its liquid metal paint.


The KC23 is a remarkable and unique creation by Ferrari, designed for a leading collector who sought a timeless yet futuristic vehicle. Its bold and futuristic design language, reminiscent of the Cyberpunk aesthetic, offers a glimpse into the future of road and racing car design. With scissor doors, removable wing, and mechanized air intake, the KC23 showcases technical highlights enhance performance and design purity.

Inspired by 488 GT3

Built on the foundation of the 488 GT3, the KC23 maintains the renowned racing car’s layout, chassis, and engine, ensuring its performance capabilities are fully preserved. Inside, the interior reflects the racing heritage of the 488 GT3, further emphasizing the track-oriented nature of the KC23.

Moreover, the KC23 serves as a celebration of the 488 GT3, which holds an impressive record as the most successful racing Ferrari in history. With over 530 victories and more than 119 championships, the 488 GT3 has solidified its place in racing history.

Fusion of design excellence

The KC23 is a true thoroughbred, embodying the fusion of design excellence, performance prowess, and racing heritage define Ferrari. Its presence at the 2023 Goodwood Festival of Speed allows enthusiasts to witness its captivating design and experience its unique features firsthand.

Goodwood Festival


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