Crowd pleaser

The XSR 125 was developed as part of the MT range. The MT-125 is a real crowd-pleaser, like the XSR, instead described as a classic rather than a retro-looking cycle. 

However, there are many retro design features at play here, as the symmetrical vertical air inlet on both sides. Which gives off a look that is reminiscent of motorcycles from ancient days.


It’s also a great way to refresh the memories of adult motorcyclists looking for a more compact and budget bike.

And Yamaha’s XSR 125 could be just the perfect candidate with its reasonable price and classic retro charm. And this is precisely what Italian manufacturer Ducati has been doing with its Scrambler series.

The retro roadster XSR 125 with a displacement of 125 ccs continues the story of the XSR family. Which has focused on the motto ‘More passion through performance.’ 



The 125 cc, water-cooled, variable four-valve technology Euro 5 motor makes 15hp and 11.5 Nm torque.

The technical basis for this sporty, lightweight. And dynamic Yamaha motorcycle was created by combining high-performance motorcycle parts with unique Yamaha technologies like the crossplane principle.

The new Yamaha XSR 125 is a joy to ride. The clear, compact sports machine is good, agile and light in the air, but it also offers a rate of comfort that allows relaxation. 


It’s a 125cc vertical that takes you back to an era where times were much slower. But you don’t have to compromise on riding pleasure or technology in pursuit of that retro experience. 

Further, it gets the USB forks, 10 spoke rims on the 110 / 70-17 at the front and 140 / 70-17 at rear tires. The ABS package.


At first glance, the newly released bike seems inspired by the century design motifs that dominate the style. 

Everything from the fuel tank to the rear end of the motorcycle. Including the small headlight and rear light – bears a strong resemblance to these older machines. There is no denying that they have taken all inspiration from them.

Inspired by the XSR 700 and XSR 900 models. Yamaha’s most miniature retro motorcycle, the XSR 125, has its visual appearance quite effective. 

The largely angular profile of the new Yamaha’s small bike reflects with the welded stainless steel tank, and fenders give an exceptional elegance.

Accessories, Price and Shades

To make it more performance-oriented, Yamaha has also come up with accessories like the Akrapovic exhaust and visual gimmicks.

In Germany, it will be available at the end of June at dealerships with a price tag of around 4,649 Euros.

The bike arrives in three shades Tech Black, Redline and Impact Yellow.


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