In October 2020, we did say KTM had a concrete plan to bring all Dukes the 2021 1290 Super Duke RR mother. 

Here are the details.

Spy shots

KTM still doesn’t talk much about the new 1290 Super Duke RR. However, now see some spy shots. The extra R stands for Carbon fibre. 


But then we got hold of some critical information. Plus, now our friends from Rideapart has caught the prototype while testing.

And they come from the homologation documents filed in Germany by KTM.

Limited Edition

Further, we hear the RR will come in limited copies of about 500. It loses the weight astounding by 10 kgs. So we would say the package weighs around 179 kgs.

Components and Specs

The homologation documents published by Cycleworld suggests stock exhaust are to be replaced by the Akrapovic titanium exhaust with a carbon fibre cap.

Further, there are other components  KTM has put on the 1290 Super Duke RR, such as 

  • Side panels
  • Tail
  • Forged aluminium rims
  • WP Apex Pro suspensions
  • Carbon air ducts
  • Fender and more

The homologation documents suggest there won’t be any change in the performance specs, essentially the power compared with 1031 cc, which makes 180hp at 9750 pm.

Further, we had also thought of tech and spec, which every motorcycle enthusiast may want to see on the KTM 1290 Super Duke RR.

What would you like to see in the upcoming KTM 1290 Super Duke RR?

Is it over-ambitious to see features on the future KTM 1290 Super Duke RR?

  • A Radar tech on the new Rocket 3? Unlike Ducati working with Bosch since 2016 to bring an effective radar technology that makes the riding safer.

    The present 1290 Super Duke R comes with cast alloy wheels. How about Magnesium wheels. Magnesium wheels manage the overheating of brakes much more effectively compared to other wheels.

  • So the problem of overheating brakes is solved. The additional advantage well, they look excellent. Magnesium wheels are light too and will benefit from reducing weight. However, we don’t say they have disadvantages.
  • A Smart Key system enables ignition ON / OFF operation and steering wheel lock while carrying the key.

  • Change in the paint scheme. The 2021 1290 Super Duke R comes in two paint schemes Orange and Black.

Further our designers have some different ideas about the shades.

From our designer’s vault

  • Our designers have come up with three different paint schemes for the upcoming 1290 Super Duke RR. And they are.
  • Combination of Black Gold and Grey with Magnesium wheels

  • The second combinations come with Yellow, Blue and Grey with Blue wheels.

  • The last variety is Blue, Green and Black wheels.

We had given a deep thought about the features. However, we know the upcoming 2021 Super Duke RR is going to rock.


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