Shark Helmets has released its latest ECE 22.06-homologated Race-R Pro GP models. This top-of-the-line helmet is considered the best in Shark’s racing lineup and is recommended for officially sanctioned racing events. The Race-R Pro GP has undergone minimal changes to obtain the ECE 22.06 certification, bringing it in line with other models from the brand, such as the Shark Spartan RS Carbon Skin.

Shark Race-R Pro GP 06 Zarco Chakra


The new version of the Race-R Pro GP, the Race-R Pro GP 06, is now ECE 22.06-approved and is touted as the safest model. It incorporates Shark’s advanced materials and features, including a Carbon Aramid (COVA) shell, a multi-density EPS liner, and an optical class 1 visor with anti-fog and anti-scratch treatments. For the first time, the helmet will be equipped with a 22-percent opacity visor, commonly known as a light-tint visor, which has been a requested feature by professional riders.


The light-tint visor has the part number TE22 and is approved for daytime road use. Regarding other features, the helmet has an aerodynamic-wind-tunnel-tested spoiler and a breakaway design that allows specific components to detach during a crash. The interior liner is carried over from the previous model. It offers a comfortable and secure fit with high-tech fabric and 3D Morpho grips, enhancing stability at high speeds while maintaining aerodynamic properties.


One notable change in the Race-R Pro GP 06 is the prominent placement of the Shark fin logo on the forehead for solid colour options. The graphics versions will still feature the same logo and signature beneath the fin.

Two Size

The helmet will be available in two shell sizes, with the split occurring at the medium size. Four graphic options will be offered for the Race-R Pro GP 06: the Replica Zarco Winter Test with chrome, the Replica Zarco Chakra, the Black Matte, and the Red Glossy. The size range spans from XS to XL, and a racing kit will be included with each purchase.

It’s important to note that this top-of-the-line helmet has a significant price tag, exceeding a thousand dollars, approximately $1,100 or 999 EUR.

Pros of the Shark Race-R Pro GP 06 helmet:

  • 1Safety: The helmet is ECE 22.06-approved and is touted as the safest model to date from Shark Helmets. It features a Carbon Aramid (COVA) shell, a multi-density EPS liner, and a breakaway design to enhance protection during a crash.
  • High-quality materials: The helmet utilizes advanced materials, such as the visible Carbon Aramid (COVA) shell, which provides strength and impact resistance while keeping the weight relatively low.
  • Aerodynamic design: The helmet has been wind-tunnel-tested to ensure optimal aerodynamic performance, reducing drag and providing stability at high speeds.
  • Comfortable fit: The interior liner features high-tech fabric and 3D Morpho grips, offering the rider a second-skin-like feel and stability. The liner is carried over from the previous iteration, which means it has been refined for comfort and performance.
  • Light-tint visor: Including a 22-percent opacity visor, or light-tint visor, is a new feature professional riders request. It provides a light tint for improved visibility and sun protection during daytime rides.
  • Graphic options: The helmet is available in four graphic options, allowing riders to choose a design that suits their style preferences.

Cons of the Shark Race-R Pro GP 06 helmet:

  • High price: The Race-R Pro GP 06 is a top-of-the-line helmet with advanced features, reflected in its price tag. With a cost exceeding a thousand dollars, it may not be affordable for all riders.
  • Limited visor use: While the light-tint visor is approved for road use, it is specifically designed for daytime riding. This means it may not be suitable for low-light or nighttime conditions, requiring riders to switch to a different visor or use additional accessories for proper visibility.
  • Limited size options: The helmet is available in sizes ranging from XS to XL, which may limit the fit options for riders who fall outside this size range.
  • Minimal changes from the previous model: Although the Race-R Pro GP 06 is ECE 22.06-approved, it has undergone minimal changes compared to its predecessor. For riders seeking significant updates or innovations, the changes may not be substantial enough to warrant an upgrade.
  • Limited availability: Availability may vary depending on the region and distribution network of Shark Helmets, potentially making it challenging for riders in specific locations to purchase or try on the helmet.


The Shark Race-R Pro GP 06 helmet is a top-of-the-line racing helmet with advanced features and a focus on safety. With its ECE 22.06 certification, Carbon Aramid shell, and multi-density EPS liner, it is designed to provide maximum protection for riders. Including a light-tint visor and aerodynamic design further enhances the helmet’s performance.

However, the helmet’s high price, limited visor use for daytime only, and minimal changes from the previous model are worth considering. The limited size options and potential availability constraints may also be factors to consider.


Ultimately, the Shark Race-R Pro GP 06 helmet appeals to riders prioritising safety, quality materials, and aerodynamic performance. It may be ideal for professional riders or those participating in sanctioned racing events. However, individual preferences, budget considerations, and other factors should be taken into account when making a purchasing decision.

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