Caberg has done it again! This Italian helmet brand has recently updated its modular adventure-touring helmet for 2023. Now, the Tourmax X stands out even more in the motorcycle world.

Adventure riders, brace yourselves. The Tourmax X offers impressive features, especially for enduro-style adventure riding. With its massive ventilation channels and a perfectly designed peak, this helmet promises comfort and protection on the road.

Brand: Caberg (Italian Helmet Brand)
Model: Tourmax X (Adventure-focused)


Main Features:

  1. Safety & Certifications:
    • Updated to ECE 22.06 standard.
    • P/J Homologation: Can be legally used with the chin bar open or closed, provided the lock is engaged.
    • New unlocking and locking switches on the front and left side for chin bar.
  2. Construction & Weight:
    • Shell material: Polycarbonate.
    • Utilizes LG Chem’s Hi-Impact ABS in its construction.
    • Weight: Approx. 1,650 grams (3.63 pounds).
  3. Visors:
    • Two visors: Clear external visor and an inner dark smoke visor.
    • Equipped with a Pinlock 70 insert.
    • Main visor is anti-scratch.
    • Features a quick-release system for easy cleaning or replacement.
  4. Ventilation:
    • Specially designed for enduro-style adventure riding.
  5. Interior:
    • Removable and washable.
    • Comes with a removable wind-stop.
  6. Communication System Compatibility:
    • Caberg’s Pro Speak Evo can be integrated.
    • Compatible with other systems like Sena and Cardo.
  7. Design & Variants:
    • Available in three solid colours.
    • Three variations of the Sarabe graphic.
  8. Sizing:
    • Ranges from XS to XL.
  9. Price: Approx. $200 USD.

here are the pros and cons of the Caberg Tourmax X 2023 Modular Adventure-Touring Helmet:


  • Updated Safety Standards: The helmet meets the ECE 22.06 standard, indicating that it has passed rigorous safety tests.
  • Versatility: Thanks to the P/J Homologation, riders can use the helmet with the chin bar either open or closed.
  • Lightweight Design: With a weight of approximately 1,650 grams (3.63 pounds), it promises a comfortable ride without putting excessive weight on the rider’s neck and shoulders.
  • Dual Visor System: The clear external visor and an inner dark smoke visor offer flexibility for different riding conditions.
  • Anti-scratch Visor: The primary visor’s anti-scratch feature can increase its longevity and ensure clear visibility.
  • Quick-release System: This makes it easy for riders to clean or replace the visor without much hassle.
  • Excellent Ventilation: Designed specifically for enduro-style adventure riding, ensuring the rider stays cool.
  • Washable Interior: A removable and washable interior makes maintenance simple and helps keep the helmet fresh.
  • Communication System Compatibility: The helmet is ready for Caberg’s Pro Speak Evo and also works well with popular communication systems like Sena and Cardo.
  • Affordable: At around $200 USD, it offers a lot of features at a competitive price point.
  • Design Variety: Multiple colour and design options cater to different aesthetic preferences.


  • Limited Advanced Materials: The helmet is made from polycarbonate, which, while durable, doesn’t offer the same lightweight or impact-distribution properties as some advanced materials like carbon fiber.
  • Mid-range Model: While it packs numerous features, it might not have some of the high-end features found in more expensive helmets.
  • Size Limitations: The helmet sizes run from XS to XL, which might not cater to those who need sizes beyond this range.
  • New Locking Mechanism: The new chin bar unlocking and locking switches could require some getting used to for riders familiar with older models.


The Tourmax X by Caberg is a versatile, mid-range adventure-touring helmet with a focus on enduro-style riding. With its ECE 22.06 update and the P/J Homologation, riders can have peace of mind about its safety credentials, while its ventilation system and visor options ensure comfort and adaptability to varying riding conditions. It’s priced affordably, considering its features, making it a great value proposition for those in the market for an adventure helmet.

Caberg – Tourmax X

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