It is interesting to note the design shift from a touring machine to a sport bike with the replacement of the MV Agusta 600 by the 750 S. 

By increasing the engine capacity to 750cc and upgrading the exhaust system, MV Agusta created a more powerful and sporty motorcycle that would appeal to a different market segment. 

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The seat, tank, and handlebars changes also reflect a more aggressive riding position, which is common in sports bikes.

It is not uncommon for motorcycle manufacturers to shift their design focus based on market trends and customer demands. In this case, MV Agusta recognized the popularity of sports bikes and the growing need for high-performance motorcycles. 


Rich Heritage

By embracing its racing heritage and designing a sport bike, MV Agusta was able to appeal to a new set of customers and establish itself as a leading manufacturer of high-performance motorcycles.

It is worth noting that the success of the 750 S took time. It faced stiff competition from Japanese manufacturers, and the cost of production was high. However, the 750 S helped establish MV Agusta’s reputation as a manufacturer of high-quality, high-performance motorcycles, and it paved the way for future models that would become more successful.


This early production 750 Sport is a rare and highly desirable motorcycle, complete with its original engine and factory stampings, full provenance from new, and documented by a renowned Marque Historian.


On Auction

The motorcycle features a more dynamic and expensive paint scheme on the tank. The original registration documents show that the first owner was Giuseppe Mele, a personal friend of Count Agusta. The motorcycle’s provenance is entirely new, with just four Italian owners.

Not only is this bike in excellent condition, but it is also a running and riding example, which is a testament to its durability and reliability. Its dynamic paint scheme on the tank is also a desirable feature that sets it apart from other 750 Sports.

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Delivered new in Italy and has just four Italian owners, including a personal friend of Count Agusta, which adds to its historical significance. And the fact that it retains many of its original components, including the smooth-faced crankcase, early style heads, Dell’Orto 24 Carbs, exhaust pipes, drum brakes, etc., speaks to its originality and authenticity.

Additionally, the presence of the original key and ignition, marked 57, further confirms the authenticity of the motorcycle. 


And it comes with an original owner’s manual, parts book, and a full report by marque expert Ian Falloon is also really impressive.

MV Agusta 750 Sport is a truly exceptional example of one of MV’s most fabulous creations, and it is sure to be a highly sought-after motorcycle among collectors and enthusiasts. The asking price for this bike is USD 165,000.

Source: Classicdriver

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