Ultraviolette to soon launch the F77 electric motorcycle

 Ultraviolette to soon launch the  F77 electric motorcycle

India-based electric vehicle maker Ultraviolette will reveal its F77 electric motorcycle to the world exactly a two years after finally showcased the concept. 

Initially slated for a 2019 launch.Ultraviolette has opted to hold back until March 2020 to improve the F77 and strengthen local production.

However, as per the Indian web magazine Bikedekho Ultraviolette F77 could go into production by the end of 2021. The COVID-19 pandemic has slowed the development of the bike.

The F77

Further this week, we once again got another news about the upcoming Ultraviolette F77 electric motorcycle.  

We’ll likely start seeing pre-orders become available in India beginning in 2022.Or at least it looks like we’ll be able to get additional information on how potential buyers can start putting money down. 

All in all, it appears that India will be getting the first chance to buy.And I would expect international interest to follow relatively.

The new F77 will arrive with a host of new features. And they are new.Full-colour TFT dash with a powertrain getting updated.


With 36 horses, the motorcycle goes from zero to sixty miles in 7.7 seconds.

The earlier F777 version had a max range of 150 km, which is 93 miles. However, in this iteration in a single charge, Ultraviolette claims to have more than 150 km range.

The production will start in its Bengaluru facility with 10,000 units as initial capacity.

via Bikedekho


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