Vespa, the iconic scooter brand, holds a significant presence worldwide and is recognized by people beyond motorcycle enthusiasts. The brand has become a lifestyle icon, appealing to individuals from diverse backgrounds and generations. 

Recently, Vespa introduced its Dual range in India, which builds upon its 125cc and 150cc platforms. The primary objective of this launch is to attract more riders from the Gen-Z demographic and encourage them to experience the elegance and style associated with Italian scooters.




By offering the Dual range, Vespa aims to cater to the preferences and requirements of the younger generation. Gen-Z riders often seek scooters that blend performance, style, and practicality, and Vespa intends to address these aspects with their 125cc and 150cc models. These scooters are designed to deliver a balance between power and efficiency, making them suitable for urban commuting and leisure rides.

Timeless design

Vespa’s timeless design and its reputation for quality craftsmanship have contributed to its enduring popularity. The brand’s scooters are renowned for their distinctive retro-modern aesthetic, which appeals to riders looking for classic charm. Furthermore, Vespa has a legacy of reliability and a strong association with Italian craftsmanship, enhancing its appeal among riders of all generations.

With the launch of the Dual range in India, Vespa is making a concerted effort to capture the attention and interest of the Gen-Z demographic, who value style, individuality, and a unique riding experience. By introducing scooters that align with the preferences of this generation, Vespa aims to continue its legacy as a brand that resonates with riders from all walks of life.

Diego Graffi

Diego Graffi, as the Chairman and Managing Director of Piaggio Vehicles, emphasizes the unique qualities of the Vespa brand and its appeal to different generations. According to him, Vespa represents the essence of the Italian lifestyle, characterized by irreverent spontaneity and embracing life to the fullest.

Over the years, Vespa has gained a devoted following over the years and has become synonymous with freedom and unconventional style. It has managed to captivate entire generations with its charismatic design and timeless appeal. The brand has a rich heritage and continues to evolve while staying true to its core values.


With the introduction of the Vespa Dual, Piaggio aims to target the up-and-coming Generation Z. This generation is known for seeking experiences that reflect their unique personality and individuality. The Vespa Dual is designed to cater to their distinctive preferences and provide them with a vehicle that stands out from the crowd.

By combining the iconic Vespa style with innovative features and modern technology, Piaggio intends to capture the attention and interest of the Gen Z demographic. The Vespa Dual represents a new chapter in the story, offering a fresh and contemporary option for those who want to embrace their sense of style and uniquely express themselves.


Overall, Diego Graffi highlights the enduring appeal of Vespa and the brand’s ability to adapt to the changing preferences of different generations while staying true to its core values of freedom, style, and Italian heritage.

The Vespa Dual range is a new offering from Vespa in India, allowing people to express themselves on the road with stylish and iconic two-wheelers. These scooters come in special edition colourways featuring a two-tone design. There are four colour options available in total.

The VXL models come in Pearl White + Azuro Provenza and Pearl White + Beige colour schemes. On the other hand, the SXL models are available in Pearl White + Matte Red and Pearl White + Matt Black. These colour combinations add a unique touch to the scooters.


In terms of mechanics, the scooters in the Dual range remain unchanged. The 125cc models are powered by a single-cylinder, air-cooled engine that generates 9.65 horsepower at 7,400 rpm. 

The more premium 150cc models have a single-cylinder engine with slightly more power at 10.64 horsepower at 7,400 rpm. Both models are now OBD-2 compliant, meeting the latest emissions regulations in the Indian market.

The Dual range of scooters is already available through over 250 Vespa dealerships across India. The VXL models have a starting price of Rs 132,000 (approximately $1,596), while the SXL models retail for Rs 149,000 (roughly $1,801). For more information, you can visit Vespa’s official webpage on the Dual series, which can be found on their website.

Source: Vespa India and Rideapart

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