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After making history with eleven electric motorcycle speed records at the Châteauroux Airfield in 2020.Voxan is heading back to Florida to chase down more records. 

However, Voxan is bringing a few friends: the team will also be testing co-axial and in-wheel motors. 

Voxan is encouraging these fellow record-seekers to use its namesake hubless wheel.It’s available for licensing.In pursuit of even greater speeds than its previous world records.


New Wattman

And this is all because the British company White Motorcycle Concepts has a goal to beat Voxan’s existing records. 

With the debut of the new Wattman, Voxan is planning to speed up its research and development process further. 

While it still expects to take some time to get this new version of the streamliner up to speed.The company has set a time for returning with more data on this new model. That’s assuming everything goes according to plan. 

As for what happened with the original Wattman, that’s unclear at this point.Voxan remains tight-lipped about that, but it did confirm they made some improvements over the old model.Improvements that make the new Wattman better suited for high-speed testing purposes.



Improvements in new iteration

Voxan’s new Wattman very closely resembles the original version, but we see several improvements.

  • The latest iteration’s most noticeable change weighs under 300 kilograms (661 pounds). Which helps Voxan enter the new category.
  • Voxan made sure the new iteration gets a power bump from 270 kW (362 horsepower) to 320 kW (429 horsepower) while torque too moves up from 1,360 nm(1,0003 pound-feet).
  • Other notable differences compared with the previous Wattman include the motorcycle’s dimensions. To improve stability and air penetration, the wheelbase has increased to 1,957 mm (from 1,800 mm previously). And the seat height is now 685 mm (up from 610 mm). In the event of significant crosswinds. The team will now have the flexibility to add a fairing that cuts wind resistance.
  • As for the tyres, longstanding partner Michelin has worked on designs specifically tailored to this challenge. The front 120/70-17 is a tyre from the MICHELIN Power GP range, modified to tolerate extremely high speeds. For the rear 190/55-17.Michelin has relied on technology has been proven in MotoGP to develop a tyre with improved grip. The challenge was to channel all of the tremendous torque delivered by Wattman’s electric engine. Allowing the motorcycle to accelerate as fast as possible without skidding.

And if everything goes as per plan. We would see Max Biaggi testing the new iteration at Space Florida’s Launch and Landing Facility at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. 

via Venturi


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